Itoman-shi, Okinawa 2 Day Itinerary: 1 minute walk from Bibi Beach! Enjoy Southern Beach Hotel & Resort



Itoman-shi, which we visited this time, is located in the southern part of Okinawa and is attractive for its beautiful beaches and historical sites! It is popular among tourists as an area where local culture and nature can be fully enjoyed.
We stayed at the Southern Beach Hotel & Resort Okinawa, a one-minute walk from the bibi beach in Itoman.
Not only enjoy the view of the sea, but also get fresh seafood at the roadside station, or have the best izakaya meal at a local popular izakaya…✨.
It’s a very fulfilling two days, including a tour of the Awamori factory!
Please refer to it when you travel to Okinawa.

*Please note that the information and prices listed are subject to change.

Travel Itinerary

12:00pm Roadside Station Itoman(道の駅いとまん)

The first stop was Roadside Station Itoman.
Recommended for food lovers!

No. 1 in Roadside Station Ranking!

Eating and drinking space

Spot Outline

Michi-no-Eki Itoman, located in Itoman-shi, Okinawa, is one of the largest roadside stations in the prefecture. In addition to souvenirs and gourmet foods, fresh fish and vegetables are available, making it a popular destination for tourists and locals alike. It is a particularly good spot for gourmet food lovers.

Itoman fishing cooperative Fish Center(糸満漁業協同組合 お魚センター)

The Fish Center is the place to be at the roadside station.
Get a fresh fish lunch.


11 stores including fishmongers, fish cake shops, seafood soup specialty stores, etc.

Today’s Lunch!

I made a bowl of Kaisen-don!

Spot Outline

The Itoman fishing cooperative Fish Center, located in Itoman-shi, Okinawa, is a market where you can enjoy fresh seafood. It is also a popular tourist spot, where you can buy souvenirs such as umi budou (sea grapes). The restaurant is also loved by locals, and the seafood set menus are highly recommended. It is only a 20-minute drive from the airport, so it is a good place to stop by on your way home from a trip.

Payao store Kinshiro(パヤオ直売店きんしろ)

Since we were there, we hit the fish shops!
Freshly grilled lobsters, oysters, and scallops with sea urchin sauce are so sparkling that they make me drool.


Grilled sea urchin sauce

Scallops with sea urchin sauce


rice bowl

Tororo (Grated yam)


turban shell meal


Grilled lobster with sea urchin sauce ¥1,500, Grilled scallop with sea urchin sauce ¥300

The rich sea urchin sauce is irresistible.
Big scallops and plump lobsters.

Spot Outline

Payao Direct Store Kinshiro is a restaurant spot located in Nishizakicho, Itoman-shi, Okinawa. Here, you can enjoy fresh fish. The freshly grilled lobsters, oysters, and scallops with sea urchin sauce are especially beautiful and appetizing to the eye. This is a great spot for fish lovers.

Sakashita Suisan Osakana Center Itoman Store(坂下水産 おさかなセンター糸満店)

Of the 11 stores, I was interested in this one
Interesting that sashimi is sold on oyster shells.
It is a self-service restaurant where you can take and buy as much as you want, and they also sell sushi rice, so you can make your own kaisendon (fresh seafood rice bowl).



Wide variety of types


They sell them in packs.

bowl of rice topped with seafood and vegetables

sea urchin sauce

vinegared rice

Salmon ¥300, Akamachi (ruby snapper) ¥300, tuna ¥500, salmon roe ¥600

The Akamachi (ruby snapper) has a nice chewy skin.

Spot Outline

Sakashita Suisan Co. Osakana Center Itoman is a seafood restaurant located in Itoman City, Okinawa Prefecture. It is a self-service restaurant where you can buy sashimi on oyster shells and take as much as you want. Sushi rice is also sold, so you can make your own kaisendon (fresh seafood rice bowl).

1:30pm Bibi beach Itoman(美々ビーチいとまん)

Really beautiful beach with bright blue sky and sea.
The crystal clear water is soothing.
You can also enjoy marine sports activities here.
It was nice to relax in the shade of the trees and watch the ocean.



You can relax on the bench.

crystal-clear water

marine sports

life jacket


Spot Outline

Bibi Beach Itoman is located in Itoman-shi, Okinawa. It is about a 20-minute drive from Naha-shi and the airport. The crystal clear water is beautiful and a variety of activities such as marine sports and BBQ can be enjoyed.

3:00pm Southern Beach Hotel & Resort Okinawa(サザンビーチホテル&リゾート沖縄)

We stayed at this hotel, which is just a minute’s walk from the beach!
Calming rooms with brown tones overlooking the beautiful beach.
The superb breakfast buffet includes an Okinawan cuisine corner, so you can enjoy Okinawa from the food as well.



Room Window

The best view overlooking the Bibi beach.



Twin bed type
Nice to have a power outlet at the bedside.



Welcome Water is a water that supports coral conservation efforts!

Cups, cutlery, electric kettle


Spacious and clean✨
Amenities include toothbrushes and body towels!


Spacious and clean!
Shampoo, conditioner, and body soap are also provided.


I’m glad there is a washlet.

Floor Information


Very spacious and stylish lobby with a resort-like atmosphere!
Overlooking the beach we were on earlier.

Entrance to breakfast room


breakfast room

Spacious and open!

Breakfast Buffet


Okinawan food corner of breakfast buffet

And cereal.

Pork eggs can be made on the spot.

Freshly prepared pork and eggs🥚.

French toast with brown sugar from Okinawa

kids’ corner

Seekers Drink

Okinawan cuisine

View from the breakfast room

Topsoil in the morning!

Straws made from pineapple leaves


Pool 2

water slide

Slider 2


Sightseeing tours and leisure activities in Itoman

Spot Outline

Southern Beach Hotel & Resort Okinawa is a popular resort hotel located in Itoman-shi, Okinawa. It is conveniently located just a minute’s walk from the beach, and its popular garden pool can be enjoyed all year round. According to reviews, the rooms have a relaxing atmosphere with brown tones and a view of Mimami Beach. The breakfast buffet is also gorgeous, and with an Okinawan cuisine corner, guests can enjoy Okinawa from the food as well, according to reviews.

4:00pm Awamori Masahiro Gallery(泡盛まさひろギャラリー)

After checking in at the hotel, we came here!
The facility is free to visit.
As soon as you enter the facility, you can smell the alcohol~!
You can tour the Awamori factory from the second floor, and document are display!
You can also enjoy sake tasting on the first floor


next to the entrance

honorable certificate

1st floor


Factory Tour

Factory tour 2

2nd floor exhibition

Collection of old liquors

Unusual containers of alcohol

History of Awamori

Awamori Production Process

Available in many languages


Rare Awamori that you can’t buy in supermarkets (you can taste it!)

The moment you drink it, the aroma spreads and it’s delicious.

Products, Awamori

Spot Outline

Awamori Masahiro Gallery, located in Itoman-shi, Okinawa, is an Awamori museum where Awamori related materials and valuable collections are displayed. 2F offers Awamori factory tours and displays of materials, while the 1st floor offers sake tasting. It is close to the airport and can be enjoyed even on rainy days.

5:00pm Aishu Sakaba Tecchan(愛衆酒場 てっちゃん)

For dinner, you will want to visit this friendly and popular pub.
The restaurant has counter seats, sunken kotatsu seats), and private round-table seats!
There are meat and fish dishes, as well as other dishes, and there is a wide selection of alcoholic drinks such as sour, shochu, and awamori for lunch.

Grilled white fish with grilled butter ¥1,500

The fish of the day was a common bluestripe snapper!
Butter and chives go well with white fish.

Lotus cod roe pork skewers ¥250, chicken thigh skewers marinated in saikyo chili pepper ¥250, chicken breast grilled with yuzu kosho pepper (green chili with yuzu citrus) ¥200

The pork skewers are filled with lotus root, shiso leaves and spicy pollack roe, and the tangy accent of the mentaiko and the refreshing taste of the shiso leaves are the best!

Deep-fried corn ¥600

Sweet and delicious.

Tecchan’s signature fried rice ¥700

The final touch is fried rice!

Spot Outline

Aishu Sakeba Tecchan is a popular izakaya located in Itoman-shi, Okinawa. The restaurant has counter seats, sunken kotatsu seats, and private rooms with round tables. One of the main points is that you can taste unexpected dishes. In addition to sours and shochu, there is a wide variety of alcoholic beverages such as awamori.

Southern Beach Hotel & Resort Okinawa(サザンビーチホテル&リゾート沖縄)

Now that our stomachs are full, we will spend some time relaxing at the hotel.

The second day starts with breakfast at the hotel restaurant! You can enjoy a rich menu of Japanese, Western, and even Okinawan dishes in a buffet style.
I had time before my 10:00am checkout, so I went to the garden pool, which can be enjoyed year-round!

We had a great time until the end.

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