6 Best Things to Do in Tokyo in Summer!

Tokyo in summer is filled with events and scenery that can be enjoyed only in summer. Although the mild weather of spring has passed and the days are humid and muggy, they are filled with events that immerse you in Japanese culture. We hope you will enjoy these uniquely Japanese summer scenes during your visit to Tokyo.

This article details the highlights of summer travel, from climate and clothing descriptions to the best places to visit in Tokyo in summer!

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Tokyo in Summer

Tokyo in Summer Sunny Day

Summer Climate

From June to mid-July, Tokyo is in the midst of the rainy season, which brings high humidity, wet weather, and muggy temperatures. is a time of intense sunshine, with temperatures reaching 35°C during the day and 25°C or higher even at night. During the rainy season, bring rain gear, a hat and sunscreen for hot days, and be sure to drink plenty of water to prevent heat stroke.

Summer Highlights

Summer is a season of excitement with traditional Japanese festivals, including summer festivals and fireworks displays. The parade of portable shrines, summer festival stalls, people dressed in yukata (summer kimono), and beautiful fireworks in the night sky are sights that can only be seen in summer. One of the best ways to enjoy the outdoors is to feel the sun and camp in nature, or to cool off in a natural spot with shade and water. Many families enjoy going out because it is also the time of summer vacation for children. Also, many people visit the local area and gather with their relatives in August for the Obon vacation (a summer holiday that occurs every year in Japan).

Summer Fashion

June is progressively hotter than May. Basically, cool, breathable clothing is best, but cardigans that can be layered and long-sleeved shirts that are easy to adjust are recommended in case of temperature changes from day to night or chilly weather caused by the rainy season.

July and August will be hotter, so light, cool clothing such as lightweight shirts and T-shirts, shorts or skirts, and sandals are generally recommended. Hats, parasols, and sunglasses are also recommended to block out the sun. However, some indoor spots may be too air-conditioned, so it is a good idea to bring a cardigan. To spend the summer in Tokyo, it is first important to bring rain gear during the rainy season and to drink water frequently to prevent heat stroke!

Things to do in Tokyo in Summer

Enjoy “Fireworks,” a summer tradition

Fireworks and Tokyo Skytree

In Japan, many fireworks events are held in the summer, and many people think of “fireworks” when they think of summer. It is such a big event that it usually attracts large crowds of people every year when the event is held. The colors and brilliance of the beautiful fireworks illuminate the night sky, creating an enjoyable summer evening. It is a great place to take pictures and make memories.

Experience a traditional festival

Torikoe Festival, a Mikoshi (portable shrine)

Summer festivals are part of the Japanese summer customs and culture. This is the season when traditional and regional festivals are held with great fanfare in various regions. Shrines and temples are the main venues for these festivals, which feature portable shrines, food stalls, and people dressed in yukata (summer kimonos). Bon dances, taiko drum performances, and fireworks displays are also essential elements of summer festivals. The lively atmosphere on summer evenings allows visitors to fully enjoy the coming of summer along with local culture and traditions.

Enjoy flowers unique to summer


Summer flowers add color to the summer season with their vivid colors and rich fragrance. Typical summer flowers include sunflowers and hydrangeas. Some spots in Tokyo hold flower festivals, so be sure to visit them.

Cool off with cold gourmet food perfect for summer

shaved ice

shaved ice

Shaved ice is one of the most popular Japanese sweets to eat in summer! Its refreshing taste and coolness are perfect for the hot season and refresh the body. You can enjoy shaved ice with sweet syrup, fruit, green tea ice cream, azuki beans, and various other toppings in Tokyo. Some of the most popular shaved ice stores in Tokyo have wait times of two hours or more, or even up to six hours during peak hours. Shaved ice offers a pleasant respite from the summer heat, so be sure to find your favorite shaved ice store in Tokyo.

Udon noodles

Hot udon is of course delicious, but cold udon is recommended during the summer season! Cold udon noodles and cold broth, watered down with cold water, will stimulate your appetite even when it is hot and you have a hard time working up an appetite. The refreshing taste and cold soup cools down the body, making it perfect for summer. Tempura can also be enjoyed together!

Let’s have a beer in the beer garden

Mt. Takao Beer Mount

There is nothing like a cold beer in the summer heat. Beer gardens and beer terraces are recommended for those who want to feel the exhilaration of drinking beer. Beer gardens are one of the most popular summer events in Japan, and many people visit them with friends, couples, or colleagues to enjoy beer and food in a liberating outdoor location. The outdoor situation gives it a different appeal from the restaurants and bars one normally goes to, and it is a refreshing change of pace. In addition, since the beer garden is a summer-only event, it has a special atmosphere, making it an attractive spot to eat and drink while enjoying the summer to the fullest.

Enjoy the outdoors at nature spots and camping!

Nanushinotaki Park

For those who want to spend a relaxing time, we recommend visiting shaded nature spots and waterfall spots. This is a true summer oasis location where you can feel the coolness of nature. Taking a walk while enjoying the sound of clear streams and flowing waterfalls and the lush green scenery will soothe and refresh your mind on a hot summer day.

For those who want to actively enjoy summer, activities such as camping and glamping are recommended. Breathe in plenty of fresh air, soak up the sun’s rays, and enjoy BBQs, cycling, and other activities in a location surrounded by beautiful summer nature.

Tokyo in June

June in Tokyo is the season of early summer, with an average temperature of about 20°C. Because the rainy season begins around early June, June is often dreary and gloomy. Since this is the season of gradual change from the pleasant warmth of spring to the heat of summer, it is recommended that you dress appropriately to cope with sudden changes in temperature.

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Tokyo in July

July in Tokyo can be hot and humid, and as the rainy season that began in June continues into July, visitors should be aware of changing weather conditions. It is wise to bring folding umbrellas, raincoats, and other rain gear when going out.

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Tokyo in August

August in Tokyo is the peak of the heat wave, with extremely hot days. It is not unusual for the temperature to exceed 35°C during the day, so it is necessary to hydrate frequently and be careful to avoid sunburn and heat stroke.

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