Things to Do in Tokyo on Rainy Day: 5 Best Indoor Amusement Parks

When a rainy day comes while sightseeing, you may be at a loss as to where to play. However, Tokyo has an abundance of places where you can fully enjoy yourself even indoors. This article introduces five amusement park-type facilities in Tokyo that you can enjoy without worrying even on a rainy day! Please take a look at them so that you can enjoy sightseeing in Tokyo even on a rainy day!


Sanrio Puroland (サンリオピューロランド)

Sanrio Puroland is a theme park where you can meet many Sanrio characters, including the world-famous Hello Kitty. The park is an indoor theme park, so even on rainy days, you can enjoy the park to the fullest. There are many attractions such as full-scale musical shows, parades, rides that even small children can enjoy, and meet-and-greets with the characters. The colorful world of Sanrio is more “cute” than you can imagine, making this a must-visit spot for Sanrio lovers. It is located about a 10-minute walk from Tama Center Station.

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Tokyo Joypolis (東京ジョイポリス)

Tokyo Joypolis is one of Japan’s largest indoor theme parks located in Odaiba, featuring more than 20 different attractions that offer a thrilling, realistic, and innovative entertainment experience. The park also features a variety of events in collaboration with popular animations, and since re-entry is possible with a ticket issued on the day of your visit, you can spend the entire day in Odaiba. The closest stations are Odaiba Kaihin Koen Station and Tokyo Teleport Station, and both stations are within a 5-minute walk for easy access.

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NAMJATOWN (ナンジャタウン)

Namjatown is an indoor theme park located on the second floor of Sunshine City, a shopping mall in Ikebukuro. Here, you can enjoy everything from rides to attractions that you can experience and advance by yourself. In addition to attractions, there is also an area where you can enjoy popular local dumplings from all over Japan and a Yokocho area where you can find many cute and decorated desserts, making it a great place to eat. The amusement park offers a variety of ways to enjoy the park, including limited-time-only events, attractions in collaboration with popular animations, and desserts that are sure to be a hit on Instagram.

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Tokyo Mystery Circus is a “mystery” themed theme park located in Kabukicho, Shinjuku. Visitors can enjoy hands-on games and events, including Real Escape Game, and a variety of storytelling experience contents that provide a realistic and thrilling feeling of actually escaping, guessing, and solving ciphers. There is also a café and goods store where you can purchase food and goods exclusive to the event.

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LEGOLAND® Discovery Center Tokyo (レゴランド・ディスカバリー・センター東京)

One of the LEGOLAND DISCOVERY CENTERS located around the world is in the shopping mall, DECKS Tokyo Beach. Normally, only children are allowed to enter with their parents, and the regularly scheduled “Adult LEGO Class” allows adults only to enter during events.

Children love the diorama that recreates a Tokyo cityscape with 1.6 million LEGO bricks, the 4D cinema, and the ride-type attractions. There is also a corner where you can put together your own LEGO bricks and play with them, and many creative workshops are offered. The official LEGO store, where you can stop by on your way home, offers a wide selection of more than 400 different kinds of LEGO products. You are sure to find something to your liking.

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