5 things to experience in Tokyo in autumn! Introducing spots to visit this time of year based on the weather!

Autumn in Tokyo is the perfect time to get outside and enjoy nature and scenery due to the pleasant weather. The atmosphere is different from that of the energetic summer months, and one can enjoy the calm and serene atmosphere of Japan.

This article details the highlights of autumn travel, from a description of the weather and clothing to the best places to visit in Tokyo in autumn.


Tokyo in Autumn

Showa Kinen Park

Autumn Climate

Autumn in Tokyo is usually characterized by cool, comfortable weather. Autumn is from September to November, with average temperatures fluctuating between 15 and 20 degrees Celsius (59 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit). The days are warm and the nights can be a bit chilly, but most of the time long-sleeved clothing is sufficient.

Autumn Highlights

There are many things to see and do in Tokyo in the fall. One of the most popular is the viewing of autumn foliage. Parks, gardens, and temples offer a great opportunity to view beautiful autumn foliage. In Japan, the culture of enjoying the arts, reading, and seasonal gourmet food is deeply rooted when autumn arrives.

Autumn Fashion

While days can be warm, mornings and evenings can feel chilly, so it is important to adjust your clothing. A light jacket, cardigan, or other woven item is useful to cope with the difference in temperature. Boots, scarves, light scarves, and other accessories are also recommended.

Things to do in Tokyo in Autumn

Enjoy the fall foliage that can only be seen in autumn

Autumn leaves at night in Rikugien Gardens

Autumn is the season when the leaves begin to change color. In Tokyo, leaves begin to change color as early as October, and the fall foliage season lasts until around December. Popular places are crowded with people as photo spots, so those who want to take their time to enjoy the autumn leaves are recommended to view them in parks with large grounds with benches and open spaces.

In addition, the autumn foliage in the garden offers a more colorful experience of Japanese culture. Some places are lit up at night, so visitors can enjoy the different atmosphere of the autumn leaves during the day and night.

Relaxed art appreciation at an art museum

The National Art Center, Tokyo(国立新美術館)

In Japan, there is a saying, “Autumn for the arts,” and there is a culture of enjoying the arts even more in the fall. There are several museums in Tokyo that are easily accessible and have beautiful architecture. We also recommend viewing the digital art of the very popular Team Lab, which opened in Toyosu and last year in Azabudai Hills.

Refresh yourself by exercising outside.

Mt. Takao

As the weather gradually cools down from summer, autumn is the perfect time to play sports. Many Japanese school sports events are held in the fall, making it the perfect season for physical exercise.

In particular, I recommend climbing Mt. Takao. Climbing in autumn is cool and comfortable, and the best time to see the autumn leaves. There are also shrines along the climbing route where you can pay a visit. For those who want to enjoy more casual exercise, we recommend simply running or taking a walk in the park or in the city.

Enjoy seasonal ingredients

Grape Picking Image

In Japan, as the phrase “autumn of appetite” suggests, a variety of foods are in season in autumn. Grapes, apples, mushrooms, and other delicacies are in season, and there are many restaurants in Japan that offer dishes using seasonal ingredients. In addition, visitors can enjoy experiences such as fruit picking and mushroom picking, which coincide with the food season, and allow them to eat freshly harvested foods.

Let’s go see autumn flowers

Cosmos all over

When we think of flower season, spring and summer come to mind, but there are also many flowers that are at their best in autumn. The most famous are the cosmos in Showa Kinen Park and Kasai Rinkai Park. The colorful cosmos blooming in the spacious park attracts visitors. Please enjoy the autumn flowers before winter arrives!

Tokyo in September

September in Tokyo is the season when the summer heat eases off and the arrival of autumn can be felt. The days are still warm, but the mornings and evenings become cooler and more comfortable, making it a pleasant time to enjoy outside events.

Tokyo in October

October in Tokyo is the autumn season, characterized by relatively mild weather. Visit parks and gardens that showcase seasonal scenery and enjoy the serene Japanese atmosphere. Since the mornings and evenings become a bit cooler, it is advisable to bring a light jacket or sweater.

Tokyo in November

November is the season of transition from autumn to winter, when temperatures gradually begin to drop. In Tokyo, it is also known as the season for beautiful autumn foliage, which can be enjoyed in many parks and gardens. In the past few years, the weather has been warm even in November, so the best time to view the autumn leaves is from late November to December.

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