6 Fun Things to Do in Tokyo: Owl Cafe, Samurai Experience, Museums and Market

Tokyo is full of fun spots that you should not miss! On this page, we have picked out six exciting places, from animal cafes where you can interact with fluffy owls, to museums full of eye-catching exhibits, to special spots where you can experience Japanese culture in depth. Whether with family, friends, a loved one, or just by yourself, we have selected six exciting places for you to explore the fun attractions of Tokyo! Hope you enjoy.

*The information listed may be subject to change. Please check the official website before visiting.

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Owl Cafe Akiba Fukurou Tokyo (フクロウカフェ 東京 アキバフクロウ)

Owl example image

Owl Cafe Akiba Fukurou is an interactive animal café where you can spend time with many owls, located a 3-minute walk from Akihabara Station. About 40 owls, from the world’s smallest to the largest species, can be found throughout the room.

At the Owl Cafe, you can enjoy taking pictures and videos, and gently touch or place an owl on your arm. Reservations are required, so please make a reservation in advance through the official website!

Official website:

Samurai Armor Photo Studio (サムライアーマーフォトスタジオ)

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Armor is the traditional Japanese protective gear worn by soldiers in battle and is globally distinctive for its beauty and rich coloring. Reflecting the power of the samurai and technological development, these pieces of equipment were made using techniques from diverse fields. Today, armor has value as a craft and historical document.

At Samurai Armor Photo Studio, you can experience armor that is a faithful reproduction by craftsmen of the armor actually used by samurai. You can choose the armor of your choice, have it fitted, and enjoy having your photo taken! Reservations can be made through the official website.

Official website:

Ghibli Museum Mitaka (三鷹の森ジブリ美術館)

Ghibli Museum Mitaka is a sacred place for Ghibli fans. The museum is headed by Hayao Miyazaki, the creator of Studio Ghibli, and is a collection of exhibits related to Ghibli’s works. Visitors can feel as if they have wandered into a Ghibli movie, taking both children and adults into the world of Ghibli.
The museum’s building design is unique, and even the information displays are full of art. Even the signage is full of art. The playful and unique design of the museum is a must-visit for Ghibli lovers. Admission tickets are by advance reservation only. (*No reservation or ticket purchase can be made at the Museum.)

Official website:

Tsukiji Outer Market (築地場外市場)

Although the Tsukiji “inner” market was relocated to Toyosu in 2018 due to the relocation of functions, the Tsukiji Outer Market is still alive and well in Tsukiji! The Tsukiji Outer Market is Japan’s “food town” where you can find fresh seafood, ingredients, processed foods, restaurants, and casual gourmet food. The market is a treasure trove of food, with a variety of stores lining the street. Many stores are open early in the morning, so getting up early and visiting the market for breakfast is recommended.

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teamLab Borderless Azabudai Hills (チームラボボーダレス 麻布台ヒルズ)

“Mori Building Digital Art Museum: Epson TeamLab Borderless,” which gained immense popularity in Odaiba, attracting approximately 2.3 million visitors within just one year since its opening, has relocated in Azabudai Hills on February 9, 2024. TeamLab Borderless is a “museum without a map,” where artworks interact and influence each other, offering visitors the opportunity to enjoy ‘digital artworks without boundaries’. The exhibition will be permanently installed from February 2024, so be sure to visit when sightseeing in Tokyo!

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teamLab Planets TOKYO DMM Toyosu (チームラボプラネッツ TOKYO DMM 豊洲)

teamLab Planets TOKYO DMM is an exclusive digital art facility where visitors can enjoy digital art using all five senses, and is open until the end of 2027 in Toyosu, a bay area of Tokyo.

Inside the large building, there are exhibits of different types of artwork, each with its own unique features and ways to enjoy them. Inside the building, including the corridors, the entire area is dimly lit, and like a maze, you will be thrilled and excited to see what is about to happen.

Official website:

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