Recommended for sightseeing in Hokkaido in March! Introducing the best spots unique to this season!

If you are going to go sightseeing, you want to incorporate into your itinerary things that you can only see and experience during that time of the year. In this issue, we will introduce the conditions, events, and recommended spots in March in Hokkaido for those who wish to do so.


About Hokkaido in March

Shiroi Koibito Park (白い恋人パーク)

Atmospheric temperature

March in Hokkaido is cool, with average temperatures in the minus to plus range. Daytime temperatures can be slightly warmer, but mornings and evenings can be very cold. Temperatures can drop significantly at night, especially in inland areas. It often still snows at this time of year, especially since the snow that fell in February still remains, making it possible to enjoy snowy scenery both in the city and at ski resorts.


March is the time when various winter events in Hokkaido come to an end. Some illuminations and winter events are held until the end of March, so it is recommended to enjoy all winter events before spring arrives.


March in Hokkaido is the last chance to enjoy winter activities such as skiing and snowboarding. Many sightseeing spots also offer winter-only scenery, allowing visitors to experience the transition from winter to spring. Since heavy snowfall and other disruptions to transportation can occur, we recommend that you check the weather forecast frequently.

March Fashion

Fashion in Hokkaido in March still requires warm clothing for winter. Down jackets, wool coats, heavy sweaters, and long-sleeved innerwear are routinely worn. Gloves, hats, earmuffs, scarves, and other winter accessories are also essential. Shoes should be waterproof and slip-resistant, even on snow-covered roads.

Still enjoyable even in March! Winter Recreation Spots

March is the beginning of spring, but there is still snow in Hokkaido, and it is a time when you can enjoy the unique winter fun. Before enjoying the cherry blossoms in spring, let’s enjoy the winter in Hokkaido at various leisure spots!

Onuma Park (大沼公園)

Japanese pond smelt ice fishing

Onuma Park, which is only a 5-minute walk from Onuma Koen Station, offers a variety of activities that can be enjoyed without the need to bring your own equipment. Ice fishing for Wakasagi (Japanese pond smelt) on Lake Onuma, usually held from mid-December to mid-March, is recommended for beginners. You can even have the Japanese pond smelt you catch fried on the spot.

Takino Suzuran Hillside National Park( 国営滝野すずらん丘陵公園)


It is the only national park in Hokkaido with a vast area of land. From spring to fall, visitors can enjoy colorful flowers such as tulips and cosmos, while in winter, they can experience various activities such as skiing, snowboarding, and snow play.

The experience of sledding down a 200-meter long course, one of the largest in Japan, is particularly thrilling! Children and adults alike are sure to be enthralled.

Sapporo Moiwayama Ski Resort(札幌藻岩山スキー場)

Sapporo Moiwayama Ski Resort(札幌藻岩山スキー場)

Sapporo Moiwa Ski Resort is located about 30 minutes by car from Sapporo Station, and in March, the Sapporo Moiwa Ski Resort Festival is held, offering a variety of unique activities and recreational activities that even children can enjoy. After having fun, it is recommended to go to the top of the mountain for a panoramic night view of Sapporo and enjoy the wonderful scenery.

Drift Ice Sightseeing in the Sea of Okhotsk

At the end of winter, drift ice drifts in the Sea of Okhotsk. The drift ice sightseeing boats, which allow visitors to see the drift ice up close and personal, operate until approximately March, so this is the only time of year to enjoy the scenery.

Abashiri drift ice sightseeing icebreaker ship Aurora (網走流氷観光砕氷船おーろら)

Abashiri drift ice sightseeing icebreaker ship Aurora (網走流氷観光砕氷船おーろら)

Abashiri drift ice sightseeing icebreaker ship Aurora offers drift ice sightseeing from January to March. This is the only time of year when you can see the mysterious world of glistening white ice. Animals such as seals and Steller’s sea eagles can be seen standing on the ice.

From spring through fall, visitors can view the World Natural Heritage Site of Shiretoko from a boat as part of the Shiretoko Sightseeing Boat. Shiretoko’s rich natural environment is home to foxes and Ezo sika deer, and if you are lucky, you may even encounter dolphins.

Monbetsu Sea Station(もんべつ海の駅)

Garinko ship(ガリンコ号)

From Monbetsu Sea Station, visitors can board the “Garinko,” a drift ice sightseeing boat equipped with a large drill to break up drift ice. Fishing can be enjoyed as a fishing cruise in summer, and boarding is possible throughout the year. You can buy original goods at Monbetsu Sea Station, so purchasing a memento of your trip is recommended.

Enjoy seafood in season in March!

Seafood rice bowls (海鮮丼)

Seafood rice bowls and sushi made with sumptuous seafood is one of the must-try gourmet foods when visiting Hokkaido, and March is the season for herring, flounder, scallops, clams, and other shellfish. Here are some spots where you can enjoy such seafood in Hokkaido.

Sapporo Central Wholesale Market(札幌中央卸売市場 場外市場)

Sapporo Central Wholesale Market(札幌中央卸売市場 場外市場)

The Sapporo Central Wholesale Market has many restaurants, some of which open as early as 6:00 am. At Kaisen Shokudo Kita no Gourmet-tei, you can enjoy a wide variety of seafood dishes such as rice bowls, sashimi, and grilled dishes. They can also have ingredients purchased at the market cooked on the spot.

Nijo Market (札幌二条市場)

Nijo Market (札幌二条市場)

The spot is easily accessible, being within walking distance from the center of Sapporo. Since the market is open from early morning, it is recommended to enjoy fresh seafood at the market as breakfast. Many of the market stores close early and close by the evening. Check the opening hours before heading to the stores.

Hakodate Asaichi (Hakodate Morning Market)(函館朝市)

Hakodate Asaichi (Hakodate Morning Market)(函館朝市)

Hakodate Asaichi is lined with approximately 250 stores and attracts many tourists. The “Donburi Yokocho Market” located inside the facility has a number of eateries where visitors can enjoy seafood bowls. Hakodate is famous for its squid, and some stores in the market allow visitors to fish for squid and eat fresh squid that has been processed on the spot.

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