Things to Do Okayama: Enjoy white peach picking experience and exquisite white peach parfait


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Okayama Prefecture is a fruit kingdom. This time, we took a bus for a relaxing half-day trip to pick white peaches, which were just in season.
In addition to the freshly picked peaches, the white peach parfait we had at a cafe near the station at the end of the tour was also excellent.
I was able to enjoy many peaches and reconfirm once again the deliciousness of Okayama’s fruits.
I encourage everyone to experience fruit picking when it is in season! Recommendation.

Travel Itinerary

Okayama Station(岡山駅)

Today’s start is from Okayama Station. We will head there by bus.
Uno Bus: It’s the Okayama Station bus stop.

View from the bus

The view from the bus was soothing and full of greenery.

Bus stop where you get off

I’ll get off at the bus stop called “Athletic Park Exit!
It’s about a 10 minute walk from here to Tomomien.

Spot Outline

Okayama Station is located in Kita-ku, Okayama City. It is only 50 minutes away from Osaka by Shinkansen bullet train and less than one hour from Kyoto. There are many souvenir stores and restaurants in the area, and buses provide convenient access to Shin-Okayama Port.

Tomomien Tourist Farm(桃茂実苑観光農園)

Arrived at a farm in Akaiwa City, Okayama Prefecture.
We booked the “2 white peach picking + 2 tasting” experience plan.
The time required is 60 minutes!

peach tree

Lots of peach trees on a large site.
They grow 23 varieties of peaches.

How to see a good peach

The bag should be fluffy and bulging, and have a nice pink color when viewed from below.
They say that the best ones are the ones that get a lot of sun!

Hikawa Hakuho

Peaches have pretty pink butts. This looks delicious✨

tasting corner

At the tasting corner, you can eat peaches you have picked.
The staff will teach you how to eat it!

Spot Outline

Tomomien Tourist Farm, located in Odani, Akaiwa City, Okayama Prefecture, is a sightseeing farm where visitors can enjoy fruit picking. The harvested fruits can be tasted immediately after the experience, making it a luxurious experience.

Hotel Granvia Okayama(ホテルグランヴィア岡山)

After the white peach picking experience, we took the bus again back toward Okayama Station.

At the lobby lounge of Hotel Granvia Okayama, a hotel near Okayama Station,
There are delicious peach sweets in season, so I will go there as well!

Lobby Lounge Lumiere

The interior of the restaurant has a stylish and relaxed atmosphere.
It’s a big space and very relaxing.

Peach Parfait Menu

I’m looking forward to it even more because it’s only available for a limited time!

White Peach Parfait

It is much larger than it looks in the picture.
I enjoyed the variety of flavors and never got tired of eating it all!
It was really good✨

Spot Outline

Hotel Granvia Okayama is an accommodation facility located in Ekimoto-cho, Kita-ku, Okayama City, and can be used as a business hotel or a resort hotel. It is directly connected to Okayama Station and has a luxurious atmosphere. The front desk staff is friendly and helpful, and many people seem to use it as a regular lodging. Many reviews of the hotel have described it as having an upscale atmosphere.

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