Tokyo Sightseeing: 20 Family-Friendly Activities for Children to Enjoy

The metropolis of Tokyo is filled with activities for all ages to enjoy. There is no shortage of things to do, including theme parks, environmental parks, museums, rich historical sites, shopping spots, and more.

Therefore, in this article, we will introduce you to 20 places that are perfect for sightseeing in Tokyo with your children. We will also include recommendations for different ages of children, so please refer to them for an enjoyable trip to Tokyo!

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With baby

Tokyo Disney Resort (東京ディズニーリゾート)

Tokyo Disneyland Cinderella Castle

Although Tokyo Disney Resort is technically an activity in Chiba Prefecture, it is a major Tokyo tourist attraction, as it is only about a 15-minute train ride from Tokyo Station. There are two parks, Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea, and each park requires its own admission fee, so many people choose one of the parks to stay and enjoy the entire day.

Tokyo Disney Resort is a great place for families, with activities, shows, and parades that even small children can enjoy, as well as diaper changing spots and stroller rentals. There are several hotels in the area, and many families with small children enjoy taking a break at the hotels.

Shinjuku Gyoen(新宿御苑)

Shinjuku Gyoen(新宿御苑)
Shinjuku Gyoen(新宿御苑)

If it is a fine day, how about a picnic while enjoying the Japanese-style garden? Shinjuku Gyoen is a large area of parkland located about a 10-minute walk from the south exit of Shinjuku Station. The park includes a Japanese garden, a French-style garden, a formal garden, and one of the best landscape gardens in Japan.

There is also a grass plaza, and those who use it spend their time playing with soap bubbles or playing a little ball. There are several restaurants and cafes in the park, but we also recommend that you pick up takeout food from the basement of Isetan Shinjuku and have a picnic in the park. Please note that alcohol is not allowed in the park.

Ueno Park (上野恩賜公園)

The fountain
The fountain

Ueno Park is one of the most famous parks in Tokyo and a popular tourist spot with many cultural facilities, shrines, and temples scattered throughout the park. The park is also home to the Ueno Zoo, famous for its pandas, as well as art galleries and museums, which can be easily accessed by children. The vast site is rich in nature, with rows of cherry trees dating back to the Edo period and a pond with lotuses floating in it.

Shinobazu Pond

A recommended way to spend time at Ueno Park is to take a leisurely stroll with your baby in the open space outside and stop by facilities that interest you. There is also a large pond in the park, where you and your baby can take a boat ride.


Tokyo Solamachi Entrance

The area that includes the Tokyo Skytree and the commercial building Tokyo Solamachi at its foot is called “Tokyo Skytree Town. Here in Skytree Town, you can enjoy a variety of activities, such as taking in the panoramic view of Tokyo from the Skytree, visiting the aquarium to see penguins up close, shopping in the shopping area, and eating gourmet food from a wide selection of restaurants that you are interested in.

Facilities for babies are available throughout the entire facility, and family travelers will be happy to know that they can stay safe regardless of the weather. There is also a playground on the 5th floor of Solamachi, a commercial facility, where children can have fun for a fee, and a dedicated baby area for 0-2 year olds, so if you want to let them play freely, by all means, take advantage of this.

Tokyo Toy Museum (東京おもちゃ美術館)

The Tokyo Toy Museum is a hands-on museum where visitors can see, touch, play with, and learn about quality wooden toys collected from Japan and overseas. There are different areas for different age groups, and the square for 0 to 2 year olds is equipped with wooden toys that are safe from accidental ingestion. Of course, visitors are required to take off their shoes to enter the floor, so it is safe for them to lie down. There is also an area for 3-6 year olds, an area for elementary school students, and an area for adults, so the whole family can enjoy themselves.

ASOBono! (アソボ〜ノ!)

If you want to let your baby play in earnest, Asobo~no is the place for you. Asobo~no is a facility where children up to elementary school age can play to their heart’s content, with a large ball pool and a play zone. The facility is divided into several zones, one of which is a dedicated baby area for children aged 0 to 2. Although there are big kids running around in this facility, you can let them play safely because the areas are well separated. Of course, there is also a diaper changing area, making this a great spot for adults as well.

With toddlers

Sanrio Puroland (サンリオピューロランド)

Sanrio Puroland (サンリオピューロランド)

Sanrio Puroland is an indoor theme park about a 10-minute walk from Keio-tama-center Station. Visitors can interact with many Sanrio characters, including the world-famous Hello Kitty. It is a spot where you can enjoy all day long with full-scale musical shows, parades, rides that even small children can enjoy, and meet and greets with the characters. Children who love cute characters will surely be excited.

Ghibli Museum, Mitaka(三鷹の森ジブリ美術館)

Ghibli Museum, Mitaka(三鷹の森ジブリ美術館)
Ghibli Museum, Mitaka(三鷹の森ジブリ美術館)

The Ghibli Museum is a museum where visitors can experience the world of Studio Ghibli, the well-known animation film studio.The museum is headed by Hayao Miyazaki, the creator of Studio Ghibli.

As the slogan “Let’s get lost together!” suggests, visitors can tour the museum in any order they like. the visitors can tour the museum in any order they like, getting lost along the way. The buildings in the museum are all uniquely designed, and even the information signs are works of art. The playful Ghibli Museum is a must-visit for Ghibli lovers and non-Ghibli lovers alike.


Hanayashiki Entrance

Asakusa Hanayashiki, opened in 1853, is the oldest amusement park in Japan. The attractions at Hanayashiki, which still retains its retro atmosphere, are generally small-scale attractions, and there are many rides that can be enjoyed by toddlers from 2 to 5 years old. The park is also compact, making it the perfect size for young children to enjoy. It is located about a 5-minute walk from Senso-ji Temple, making it easily accessible.

Hakuhinkan TOY PARK (博品館TOY PARK)

Streetscape of Ginza where Hakuhinkan TOY PARK is located

Hakuhinkan TOY PARK is a long-established toy store. Toys are sold on all floors from the first basement to the fourth floor, with approximately 200,000 items. Toys for toddlers as well as toys that even adults might be interested in are sold, making it a spot that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

KidZania Tokyo (キッザニア東京)

KidZania Tokyo is a facility for children to learn how society works while having fun. About 100 different kinds of jobs are available, and visitors are paid in a special currency for their experience. Every Wednesday is “English Wednesday!” and about half of the activities can be experienced in English, so those who cannot speak Japanese should go on Wednesdays. Since it is often crowded, make reservations if at all possible.

teamLab Borderless Azabudai Hills (チームラボボーダレス 麻布台ヒルズ)

teamLab Borderless Azabudai Hills (チームラボボーダレス 麻布台ヒルズ)

teamLab Borderless Azabudai Hills is a dedicated TeamLab museum that was established in February 2024 at Azabudai Hills. The ever-changing artworks that are the hallmark of TeamLab are sure to pique the curiosity of even the youngest visitors. They can find and follow things that interest them, and discover things that interest them wherever they go. Even young children can enjoy themselves to the fullest, so we recommend this museum.

LEGOLAND® Discovery Center Tokyo (レゴランド・ディスカバリー・センター東京)

LEGOLAND® Discovery Center Tokyo is a hands-on attraction facility with more than 3 million LEGO bricks in a large facility. The program is for ages 3 to 10, and offers a variety of contents to foster creativity through play, such as a tour of the LEGO brick factory and creative workshops. It is an indoor attraction facility, so it is not affected by weather conditions, which is a great point.

Kasai Rinkai Park

Giant Ferris Wheel at Kasai Rinkai Park

Kasai Rinkai Park is a park with excellent accessibility that stretches right in front of you when you get off at the nearest station, Kasai Rinkai Koen Station on the Keiyo Line.

The park is the largest of its kind in Tokyo, with facilities for children such as an aquarium, a Ferris wheel, an exciting plaza, and a park train on the premises. Kasai Marine Park is also located on the ocean side of the park, where visitors can interact with wild waterfront creatures.

Elementary school students and above

Tokyo Dome City(東京ドームシティ)

Tokyo Dome City(東京ドームシティ)

Tokyo Dome City is an urban leisure complex filled with various entertainment facilities such as amusement parks, sports, spas, shopping, and dining, centering on Tokyo Dome where sports games and live events are held.

Tokyo Dome City Attractions

Tokyo Dome City offers a variety of ways to have fun, but the attractions at Tokyo Dome City Attractions are especially recommended for elementary school students. The attractions range from those for small children to those that will thrill even adults, and are suitable for various ages. There are also a variety of indoor attractions, so even rainy days can be a good time to play.

There are also hot spring facilities within Tokyo Dome City, so relaxing in a hot spring after a day of fun is a recommended way to spend time.


Illumination at Yomiuriland

Yomiuriland is a popular amusement park straddling Inagi City, Tokyo and Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture. There are more than 40 different types of attractions, including standard coaster-type attractions, vertical drop attractions, the Giant Ferris Wheel, haunted houses, and mission-based indoor attractions.

The site is home to the “Goodjoba!!” area, which consists of factories in five industries: automotive, food, fashion, stationery, and health. area, where visitors can enjoy unique experiences such as a workshop for making Japan’s famous cup yakisoba noodles.

The park also offers fun in each of the four seasons, with illumination held from fall to winter as a signature event, the pool open in summer, and cherry blossoms blooming in the park in spring, allowing visitors to enjoy attractions while viewing cherry blossoms.

SAMURAI NINJA MUSEUM TOKYO With Experience (東京サムライミュージアム)

SAMURAI NINJA MUSEUM TOKYO With Experience (東京サムライミュージアム)

The SAMURAI NINJA MUSEUM TOKYO With Experience is an activity museum that not only exhibits antiques, but also allows visitors to actually wear armor, the costume of the samurai, and experience shuriken throwing as a ninja.

The basic plan includes a guide who explains the history of samurai and ninja, and a samurai and ninja experience. For those who want a more authentic experience, there is a special plan that includes ninja training in ninja costumes and specialized techniques, as well as a special plan that allows groups to learn the basics of swordsmanship. Family plans are also available so that children can fully enjoy the experience.

Original Monja Yakatabune Edomae Kisen (元祖もんじゃ屋形船 江戸前汽船)

Monjayaki in a Yakatabune

A yakatabune is a large Japanese-style boat with a roof and seating area. Each operator has its own unique characteristics, but at Edomae Kisen, you can enjoy cruising while eating various downtown Tokyo delicacies such as okonomiyaki and monjayaki. Even if you are a beginner at monjayaki, the staff will carefully teach you how to cook it so that you will be able to cook it skillfully by yourself.


The nearest meeting place is Shinkiba Station, which is a direct connection from Tokyo Station. From Shinkiba Station, there is a free shuttle bus to the boat pier, so you can get there without getting lost. The boats are limited to capacity, so be sure to make reservations in advance!

Warner Bros. Studio Tour Tokyo – The Making of Harry Potter (ワーナー ブラザース スタジオツアー東京 – メイキング・オブ・ハリー・ポッター)

Warner Bros. Studio Tour Tokyo – The Making of Harry Potter (ワーナー ブラザース スタジオツアー東京 – メイキング・オブ・ハリー・ポッター)

Opening in June 2023, “Warner Bros. Studio Tour Tokyo – The Making of Harry Potter” is an interactive entertainment facility where visitors can experience behind-the-scenes production of the popular “Harry Potter” and “Fantastic Beasts” film series. It is the first of its kind in Asia and the second to be built after London, UK.

The expansive grounds are filled with numerous movie sets, allowing visitors to explore the world they saw on the screen in a realistic way. There are also exhibits of props and costumes actually used in movies, allowing visitors to experience the behind-the-scenes of movie production. This is a spot that even children can fully enjoy.

Gashapon Department Store Ikebukuro Sohonten (ガシャポンのデパート 池袋総本店)

gashapon vending machines(capsule toy )

Located in the Sunshine City shopping center in Ikebukuro, the Gashapon Department Store houses approximately 3,000 Gashapon machines (capsule toy machines), one of the largest collections in the world! There is an incredible variety of figures including Pokemon, Gundam, Doraemon, and many more.

Capsule toys are an activity that has many fans in Japan because of the excitement of not knowing what will come out. The capsule toys are easy to carry around and make great souvenirs or mementos of your trip. This is a spot where children will surely be very excited.

Introducing Tokyo’s popular sightseeing areas

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