Savoring Hiroshima: A Guide to the Best Oyster Experiences

Hiroshima boasts Japan’s No. 1 oyster production, so you can enjoy high-quality oysters that cannot be found in other regions. Hiroshima’s appeal lies in the fact that you can enjoy oysters cooked in ways other than raw or grilled, such as stewed, cooked, or okonomiyaki. You can taste them at local restaurants, but we also recommend taking them out as a souvenir as a lunch box. Here we will introduce the characteristics of Hiroshima oysters, recommended dishes, and popular restaurants!

Grilled oyster

What is Hiroshima Oyster?

raw oysters

Oysters may seem a bit pricey, but in Hiroshima Prefecture, which boasts the largest production volume, you can enjoy many delicious oysters at a low price. The characteristic of Hiroshima oysters is that their meat is large and plump despite their small shells. Especially from January to February, oysters are in season when they are rich in glycogen, the source of their deliciousness, and it is said that oysters at this time of year are the most flavorful.

They are known not only for their taste, but also for their nutritional value, being rich in vitamins, minerals, calcium, and other nutrients. For this reason, many people in Hiroshima have grown up eating oysters since childhood. Safety is also taken into consideration, and Hiroshima oysters must meet Hiroshima Prefecture’s own safety standards before they can be shipped, and it is said that these standards are among the strictest in Japan.

Hiroshima’s oysters, which are superior in taste, nutrition, and safety, are one of the most important gourmet foods you should try when you visit Hiroshima. There are many restaurants in Hiroshima where you can enjoy oysters in a BBQ style called “Kaki-goya,” so if regular restaurants and set menus are not enough for you, you should definitely visit one!

Popular Oyster Dishes in Hiroshima

Fried Oysters

When one thinks of oysters, one may think of dishes such as raw oysters, grilled oysters, and fried oysters. While such common oyster dishes are certainly delicious, Hiroshima’s local cuisine, which makes the most of the deliciousness of oysters, is gaining popularity. Here are some oyster dishes that you must try when you visit Hiroshima✨

Oyster Okonomiyaki (牡蠣お好み焼き)

Hiroshima is famous for okonomiyaki, and “oyster okonomiyaki” using oysters as an ingredient is also popular. The method of preparation differs slightly depending on the restaurant, but basically, the okonomiyaki and oysters are cooked separately on a griddle, and after both are cooked, the oysters are placed on top of the okonomiyaki at the end.

Hiroshima okonomiyaki is characterized by its thickness, but adding oysters on top of the dough makes it more voluminous and satisfying. The sweet sauce goes perfectly with the okonomiyaki!

Oyster Dote Nabe (牡蠣の土手鍋)

Dote-nabe is one of Hiroshima’s local hot pot dishes, consisting of oysters, vegetables, tofu, and other ingredients simmered in miso. The name “Dote-nabe” comes from the fact that miso is coated to the inside of the pot like a bank (Dote).

There are many restaurants in Hiroshima City that serve Dote-nabe, and it is especially popular as a dipping dish after drinking alcohol at izakaya (Japanese style pubs), and is also very popular among women because it is a healthy way to feel full after adding udon noodles or shirataki noodles.

Oyster Rice (牡蠣飯)

Oyster rice is a popular dish in the region, also known as a taste of home in Hiroshima. Oysters are stewed in mirin or soy sauce, the rice is cooked in the broth, and the oysters are simply placed on top of the cooked rice. It is a simple dish that requires no special cooking, but its charm is that the flavor of the oyster can be felt the most.

Oyster rice is often served at restaurants in Hiroshima. It is also sold as take-out from bento shops or as ekiben in train stations, so you can enjoy it at your hotel or on the train at your leisure.

Let’s Go Try Hiroshima Oysters!

The restaurant: Umi no yeah!!! (海のyeah!!!)

This izakaya is located about a 10-minute walk from Kure Station. The restaurant is located along the river and offers fresh seafood dishes. The interior of the restaurant was open and airy, giving the feeling of a beach house.

Each table is equipped with a grilling table where you can grill and eat fresh seafood yourself.

Gloves and tongs are also provided. A variety of oyster dishes including grilled oysters and fried oysters are available.

I had three kinds of oyster dishes; the fried oysters were crispy and so juicy! There are six of them, so they are the perfect volume to share with friends.

I had never had oysters gratin before in my life, but the cheese and oysters were so well matched. The richness of the oyster in gratin makes you feel the sweetness of oyster more.

Finally, I tried the restaurant’s popular grilled oysters. It took about six minutes to grill them on the net provided at our table—a wait that felt quite long but ultimately made the oysters even more delicious. You can enjoy them plain or enhance their flavor with ponzu sauce, a Japanese citrus-based sauce. To finish, I savored the flavorful juice left behind by the oysters, fully enjoying the freshness of each bite!

4 Places to Eat Oysters in Hiroshima

*We recommend checking the restaurant’s opening days and hours before your visit.

Kaki-goya Ujina / Ujina BBQ Garden (ミルキー鉄男のかき小屋 宇品店)


Oyster Bar MABUI Namiki (Oyster Bar MABUI 並木店)

Yakigaki No Hayashi (焼がきのはやし)

Editor’s Comment


Hiroshima oysters are large and chewy, with a strong sweetness that gives them a luxurious feel. In addition to standard dishes such as raw oysters and grilled oysters, you will be pleased to know that there are many variations of dishes such as okonomiyaki and takikomi-gohan (cooked rice)! Enjoy delicious oysters when you come to Hiroshima✨

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