Things to Do in Chichibu & Nagatoro, Saitama: Beauty of Nature just an hour from Tokyo



Chichibu, just an hour from Tokyo, has many places to see the autumn leaves and is perfect for a trip to feel autumn! Explore the outdoors and savor delicious local specialties on a great autumn getaway. Experience the beauty of the season and make your trip memorable♪

*Please note that information and prices listed are subject to change.

Travel Itinerary

08:30am Ikebukuro station

Takes ‘Express Laview’ at Ikebukuro station, and we’ll be taking a one-hour ride on it.

Yellow seats are rare on trains

When we sat down, we were unintentionally impressed by the sofa-like comfort. The bathrooms are big and clean, which is a nice feature of the newer trains!

Spot Overview

Ikebukuro Station is a terminal station located in Minami Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo, and is served by JR East, Tobu Railway, Seibu Railway and Tokyo Subway (Tokyo Metro) With an average of 2.64 million passengers per day, it is the second busiest station for JR East (after Shinjuku Station) and the first for Tobu, Seibu and Tokyo Metro.

10:00am Seibu-Chichibu Station

From here, we move on foot! The next spot is about 12 minutes away~!

Spot Overview
Seibu-Chichibu Station is located in Nosakamachi, Chichibu, Saitama Prefecture. There is also a sightseeing information board for Chichibu near the station’s ticket gates, where you can consult with friends and decide on the best places to visit. Furthermore, the Chichibu Manyu Ticket allows you to enjoy hot springs at a discount.

10:30am Chichibu Shrine

Arrive at one of the three major Chichibu shrines and power spots. It is less than a 15-minute walk from Seibu-Chichibu Station, but only a 3-minute walk from Chichibu Station! It is located on a busy street with lots of cars, so I didn’t get lost.

Main Shrine (Honden)

When you enter the precincts and proceed to the back, you will find the main shrine with magnificent carvings! This shrine seems to have been designated as a tangible cultural property of Saitama Prefecture. The solemn atmosphere of the precincts was very powerful!

Shrine visit

Here, they say, there is a god of politics, learning and good fortune! I hope my academic performance will improve too.

Fortune-telling by water

Chichibu Shrine also had a ‘water fortune-telling’.

Dip your fortune in the stream in the precincts of the temple

The words emerge! My friend got ‘great fortune’!

The fortune is…

You can either take it home in the plastic bag provided or tie it in the precinct! We tied ours and left.

Autumn leaf season

There was a beautiful red maple tree at the entrance.

Spot Overview
Chichibu Shrine is located in Banba-machi, Chichibu, Saitama Prefecture. It is one of the three major shrines in Chichibu and is known as a power spot. As the god of learning, it is said to help many students pass their exams, and is known for the Chichibu Night Festival, an annual festival in December, which is registered as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Site.

11:30am Teuchi-Soba Musashiya

Teuchi-Soba= Teuchi : Handmade, Soba:Soba Noddle

Go for an early lunch. Large shop with an old-fashioned atmosphere.

Shop interior

The high ceilings, pillars, and other timber features make the restaurant very relaxing… There is a tatami room, table seating and reserved seating.


The menu included not only soba noodles, but also appetizers and sweet dishes. Desserts using buckwheat are unique to a buckwheat noodle restaurant!

Menu 2

Seiro Soba (825 yen)

I had seiro soba (825 yen)! The noodles were delicious, with a very nice buckwheat noodle smell and smooth texture! The noodles were also very firm!

Kake-Soba (buckwheat noodles in hot broth)

My friend got Kake-Soba

Tempura of maitake mushrooms

I also ordered maitake mushroom tempura, which is said to be popular!

Cafe and shop in next door

There is a coffee shop and shop next to the restaurant, and a gallery with works by Chichibu artists in the coffee shop! There was also a nice service for those who had lunch on weekdays, where you could have a cup of coffee for 150 yen.

Spot Overview
Teuchi-Soba Musashiya is located in Bamba-machi, Chichibu City, Saitama Prefecture, and serves handmade soba made from its own ground flour. It is close to Chichibu Shrine and has a parking lot for easy access. The shop is modelled on an old private house in Nagano Prefecture, with high ceilings, thick pillars and beams, and other features of wood. It also has a coffee shop and souvenir shop, as well as a pottery shop selling Arita Ware Genemon Kiln, where visitors can enjoy a cup of coffee while admiring the works of Chichibu artists.

1:00pm Chichibu Station

Walked for 3 min and arrived at Chichibu station! Now, we take the train to the next spot.

Spot Overview
Chichibu Station is located in Miyakawa-chō, Chichibu, Saitama Prefecture. It can be reached on foot from Seibu-Chichibu Station, and along the way there are gibier restaurants on Dangozaka and a retro café street on Banba Street. Chichibu Station has many different souvenirs from Seibu-Chichibu Station. You can also enjoy delicious drinks in the commercial centre directly connected to Chichibu Station.

1:20pm Nagatoro Station

After a 20-minute train ride, arrive at Nagatoro Station! Let’s explore Nagatoro! The station building has a lovely retro atmosphere

Spot Overview
Nagatoro Station in Nagatoro-machi, Chichibu-gun, Saitama Prefecture, has a lovely retro atmosphere. It is known as a Chichibu Railway station and has been selected as one of the 100 best stations in the Kanto region. The station building itself is popular with tourists as it is also very photogenic. There are also cobblestone pavements around the station, which can be explored. Nagatoro Station is located approximately two hours from Tokyo and has an attractive local atmosphere.

1:30pm Nagatoro-machi Iwadatami Dori Shopping Street

The road from Nagatoro Station to Iwadatami (nature attraction where you can see extensive rock formation) is a shopping street lined with souvenir shops and restaurants! All the shops look like they have been here for a long time and the shopping street is tasteful and nice – buy some food here to relax in Iwadatami!

Shopping street be like

Retro atmosphere

Spot Overview
Nagatoro-machi Iwadatami Dori Shopping Street is a street lined with souvenir shops and restaurants between Nagatoro Station and Nagatoro Iwadatami, a famous sightseeing spot. It is popular among tourists for eating out and buying local specialities.

2:00pm marubutsu

We stopped at a rice cracker shop called Marubutsu! It was located just outside Nagatoro Station!


They bake the rice crackers in front of you!

I’m glad I get to eat it freshly made! It’s fun to look at and you can also enjoy the smell of the savory soy sauce.

Cute heart-shaped rice crackers

You can choose between round and heart-shaped rice crackers, but this time we decided on the cute heart-shaped rice crackers! Surprised at how big they were.

Spot Overview
Marubutsu is a cracker shop in Nagatoro-machi, Chichibu-gun, Saitama Prefecture. It sells hand-baked rice crackers, which are baked one by one by craftsmen, with a total of 80 varieties. It is a popular shop that is easy to eat and walk around.

2:30 Nagatoro Iwadatami

After passing through the shopping street, you will come to the banks of the Arakawa River! Here, there is a 500-metre stretch of rock pavement where large rocks are flattened! It’s a great view and very impressive.

During the autumn season

The beautiful red and yellow autumn leaves could also be enjoyed at the same time!

You can also experience line rafting

It looks so peaceful and relaxing to go leisurely down a river.

Relax and enjoy the stunning scenery

Spot Overview
Nagatoro Iwatadatami is a sightseeing spot in Nagatoro-machi, Chichibu-gun, Saitama Prefecture. The banks are made of stratified rocks, and river rafting and hiking can be enjoyed.

3:00pm Tsuki no Ishi Momiji Park

This is one of the best places to see autumn leaves! It is located in an area adjacent to the Iwadatami, so you can go there while strolling from the Iwadatami.

The autumn leaves are amazing🍁

200 trees have been planted with autumn leaves! Beautiful autumn leaves were spread all over the park. We were healed by the colourful gradation of autumn leaves.

Scenic point

The Arakawa River flows next to the park, which is also a spectacular contrast to the autumn leaf colors

You can get such a close look

Can’t stop pressing the shutter

Take lots of photos of the beautiful autumn leaves!

Stone monument from which the park got its name

In the park, there was a stone monument inscribed with a poem by haiku poet Kyoshi Takahama, from whom the park takes its name.

Spot Overview
Tsuki no Ishi Momiji Park is located in Nagatoro-machi, Chichibu-gun, Saitama Prefecture. It is famous for its autumn foliage, and as it is adjacent to Iwadatami, you can go there while taking a walk from Iwadatami. At night, the autumn leaves are lit up and there are photo spots, giving the park a different charm from daytime.

4:00pm Asami Reizo Kanasaki main store

After being healed by the autumn leaves, head to Nagatoro’s very famous natural shaved ice shop for a Chichibu speciality! It’s run by a long-established ice maker with a 130-year history.

The shop is surrounded by trees and is very quaint

Happy to see autumn leaves!

This time we went to the new building

The shop has a new building and a main building, with different menus and atmosphere, so it’s hard to decide which to go for!

The new building has menu for adult and a slightly higher price tag. We decided to go for the new building this time!

Main building

The main building is said to have a modern Japanese-style atmosphere with a basic menu.

Shop interior

The shop is a special space with a tatami room and only five groups are allowed.

Menu (new building ver.)

In the new building, you can enjoy shaved ice made from whole fruits and alcohol. The shaved ice is very exclusive and exciting.

Shaved ice with Four Seasons fresh fruit juice & brown sugar yokan shiratama (1,600 yen)

I had shaved ice with fresh fruit juice of Japanese persimmon & brown sugar yokan(sweet beans jelly) shiratama (dumplings made from rice flour). I was surprised by the appearance of the shaved ice, which was heaped up high!

Kyo hojicha shaved ice with shiratama condensed milk (1500yen)

Friend got Kyo hojicha (roasted green tea) shaved ice with shiratama condensed milk (1,500 yen)!

Delicious 🍧

Original Asami Reizo products were also sold

Spot Overview
Asami Reizo Kanasaki Main Store is a natural ice shaved ice shop run by a long-established ice maker with a 130-year history in Minano-machi, Chichibu, Saitama Prefecture. The shaved ice made from natural ice is delicate and elegant, and is served in a stylish space that has been renovated from an old private house and a warehouse. However, it is advisable to visit with plenty of time to spare, as there can be a wait of an hour or more during busy times.

5:00pm Kami-Nagatoro Station

After eating shaved ice, walk to the station, which is a three-minute walk away.

Spot Overview
Kami-Nagatoro Station is located in Nagatoro-machi, Chichibu-gun, Saitama Prefecture. There is a railway bridge of the Chichibu Railway along the Arakawa River, and the SL Paleo Express sometimes passes through the station. However, the date and time of the passage must be confirmed.

5:20pm Chichibu Station

After 15 min, We get back to Chichibu station!

5:30pm Marusuke Main Store

Chichibu is actually famous for horumon (grilled offal) as well! That’s why we came to this shop, which has a modern appearance.

Shop interior

The ground floor has tables and counter seating, while the second floor has tatami rooms and private rooms.

Showa era vibes!

Beer cases are used as chairs, there are Showa-era posters, and the interior has Showa-vibes but clean and cosy..!

A selection of Chichibu liquor was also available!


Toast with beer and Ichiro’s Malt! After all, drinks are a must at the end of a trip, aren’t they?

raw motsu (480円)/kashira(440円)

Order the most popular raw motsu(tripe) and the second most popular kashira (cheek/temple)! Fresh domestic offal!

Let’s grill

It’s a little bit difficult to grill horumon(offal) at the right time


The plump raw motsu (tripe) with a good texture and the kashira (temple/cheek) with its sauce were both very tasty.

Spot Overview
The Marusuke Main Store is a restaurant in Miyakawa-cho, Chichibu City, Saitama Prefecture, where you can casually enjoy yakiniku (grilled meat) and horumon-yaki (grilled offal). The restaurant has a large branch network, mainly in Saitama Prefecture. Its speciality is Chichibu Horumon-yaki.

6:30pm Seibu-Chichibu Station

Just like on the way there, We’re going back by the express Laview 🚃

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