Things to Do in Yamanashi: Onsen, Grape Picking, and Shosenkyo Gorge



Yamanashi Prefecture, a scenic area near Mt. Fuji, easily accessible from Tokyo, is known as the ‘Fruit Kingdom,’ boasting the largest production of grapes and peaches in Japan.

This time, my friend and I drove from Tokyo to Yamanashi, and enjoyed a day trip in Yamanashi!
Explore the Yamanashi’s stunning natural beauty and immerse yourself in the rich culture and scenic landscapes✨

*Please note that information and prices listed are subject to change.

Travel Itinerary

09:00am Misaka Farm Grape House(御坂農園グレープハウス)

Fuefuki in Yamanashi is known as Japan’s largest producer of grapes✨
At this fruit farm, you can experience all-you-can-eat grapes for an unlimited amount of time!
*Starting from 2023, reservations will be required for fruit picking and the all-you-can-eat fruit experience.

You can enjoy peach picking from late June to early August, grape picking from mid-July to mid-November. *fruit picking experience periods may vary depending on the season and weather conditions.

Now, let’s start the grape picking! The farmer will show you how to pick it.

We found a big grape!

2 types 🍇

There are two kinds of grapes: sweet Muscat Bailey A, and Koshu Grape which is also used for wine. Both were very juicy and delicious.

Souvenir Corner

There was Fuefuki wine and Shingen-mochi (popular mochi snack from Yamanashi)!

Spot Outline

Misaka Farm Grape House is a large-scale fruit picking farm located in Fuefuki-shi, Yamanashi Prefecture. At this fruit farm, visitors can experience unlimited all-you-can-eat grapes from Fuefukuki, which is known for producing the largest amount of grapes in Japan. Visitors can also enjoy seasonal fruit picking, with peach picking also popular. Reasonably priced and enjoyable experience, making it a great place to visit with the friends or family.

11:00 Ganko Oyaji no Teuchi Houtou(頑固おやじの手打ちほうとう)

For lunch, we came to taste the local food of Yamanashi.
This is a famous Houtou restaurant that has won a big award for their amazing Houtou noodle dish!✨


This restaurant offers only one menu as main dish: Handmade Houtou, prepared with homemade ingredients and noodles, priced at 1500 yen.

Houtou, is a traditional noodle dish from Yamanashi Prefecture, features wide flat wheat noodles simmered with a mix of vegetables like pumpkin, shiitake mushrooms, and green vegetables in a savory miso-based soup. Enjoyed mainly during colder months, it offers a delightful blend of noodle textures and unique flavors!

We ordered two servings of Houtou, and a large iron pot arrived at our table containing both portions.

Looked incredibly delicious with variety of vegetables✨

The mild and delightful flavor of the miso-based soup was so good!

Spot Outline

Ganko Oyaji no Teuchi Houtou in Katsunuma-cho, Koshu City, Yamanashi Prefecture, is a fantastic local restaurant famous for its authentic handmade Houtou noodles, a specialty of Yamanashi.

1:00pm Fuji Oishi Hana Terrace (富士大石 ハナテラス)

Satisfied with a full stomach, the next destination was Fuji Oishi Hana Terrace.
There were nine shops offering locally produced sweets and sundries from Yamanashi.

Very stylish place✨

The dog also seems to enjoy it.

Stylish appearance

A variety of general goods featuring Mt. Fuji motif.

You can see Mt. Fuji on clear days.

Located near Lake Kawaguchi, on a clear day, you can usually catch a glimpse of Mt. Fuji. However, on this particular day, it was hidden behind clouds.

Spot Outline

Fuji Oishi Hana Terrace is located adjacent to Oishi Park in Fujikawaguchiko Town, Yamanashi Prefecture. Visitors can enjoy shopping and dining.

1:10pm HanaCafe Kikyou

Located adjacent to Oishi Park, this cafe offers shopping and dining while enjoying views of Mt. Fuji, Lake Kawaguchi, and lavender and other herbs.

The interior is lovely, full of dried flowers!
Bought a mini flower bouquet✨

Spot Outline

HanaCafe Kikyou, located in Fujikawaguchiko Town, Yamanashi Prefecture, is a cafe directly operated by Kikyouya, famous for its Shingen mochi. The bright and relaxing atmosphere of the store allows you to spend a relaxing time. The soft-serve ice cream topped with Shingen mochi is highly recommended.

3:30pm Shosenkyo Gorge (昇仙峡)

Next, we came to see Shosenkyo Gorge, the largest gorge in Japan.
A short walk away, a large fountain welcomes you.

Crystal Fountain

Crystal Road

Continuing on the road, we now reached a place called crystal road! Here we found many souvenir shops related to crystals.

After walking for about 10 minutes, we arrived at Senga Falls, the waterfall we were looking for!

The large waterfall with a drop of 30 meters is overwhelming.

A powerful splash of water comes flying toward us.

Spot Outline

Shosenkyo Gorge, located in Kofu City, Yamanashi Prefecture, is a gorge designated as a special national scenic beauty spot. Visitors can see granite cliffs, oddly shaped rocks and stones carved out over a long period of time, and clear and abundant water flowing through the gorge. Shosenkyo Gorge has been called “the most beautiful gorge in Japan,” and visitors can enjoy the beauty of the gorge, which changes from season to season.

4:00pm Sennin Chaya Teahouse(仙人茶屋)

In front of Sengataki Falls, we found a tea shop!
Let’s take a short break here.

“edible crystal ball”: 1,100 yen for 2 persons

It’s the raindrop cake, derived from popular Yamanashi treat, Shingen mochi, made with sugar syrup, agar and roasted soybean flour. Put the brown sugar syrup on it and eat✨

Very unique and beautiful✨

It’s a silky-smooth texture! So good.

We came to the shrine that was right in front of us!

Make a wish

After eating, we visited a nearby good luck spot and made wishes.

Spot Outline

Sennin Chaya Teahouse, located in Kofu City, Yamanashi Prefecture, is a shop where you can enjoy a light meal. Located in front of Sengataki Falls, it is a good place to stop by during sightseeing. It is also known as a tea shop, where you can taste local tea.

7:00pm Hottarakashi Onsen(ほったらかし温泉)

The onsen we’ve always wanted to visit whenever we come to Yamanashi!
It is located at the top of a mountain about 700 meters above sea level, so you can soak in the hot spring while enjoying the sunrise and night views!

The daytime view looks like this!

Illuminated night view spreading out in front of you

We were a little bit tired, but it quickly melted away as we viewed breathtaking landscape✨

That was beautiful!

Drinking a glass of milk after onsen is the best

Spot Outline

Hottarakashi Onsen, located in Yamanashi City, Yamanashi Prefecture, is a natural hot spring with a spectacular view. You can soak in the hot spring while enjoying the sunrise and night views. The hot water is pleasantly hot and smooth.

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