Izakaya Hopping in Ueno: Recommended Izakaya to Try in Ameyoko!



Ueno, Tokyo, is a vibrant district known for its cultural attractions and beautiful park. Easily accessible from major train stations, it offers a mix of museums, Ueno Zoo, and the iconic cherry blossoms in Ueno Park. Explore diverse cuisines and the bustling Ameyoko shopping street for a delightful taste of Tokyo’s charm!

This time, I went bar hopping in Ameyoko! While I usually explore bars at night, this adventure began at noon. It’s refreshing to enjoy sake from an early hour sometimes! I am going to introduce the recommended menu dishes at each izakaya shop as well, so I hope this page is helpful for your trip planning in Japan✨

*Please note that the information and prices listed are subject to change.

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Motsuyaki Daitoryo (もつ焼 大統領)

If you visit Ameyoko, make sure not to miss this fantastic izakaya shop! So, here’s my first stop – an affordable and delicious choice!
It was always busy and often full, but the customer turnover was fast!

If you prefer taking your time in izakaya, then there is branch store nearby so you can go there.

Special Stewed Motsu (Japanese Tripe Stew)

When you place an order, it’s served in a large pot! The motsu, large tofu and konnyaku (a traditional Japanese jelly-like food made from the konjac yam) are well simmered and very good✨

Assorted Motsuyaki (Grilled Motsu Skewers)

The Motsuyaki Daitoryo is known for his Motsukoyaki! I opted for the owner’s recommended assortment of five skewers!

Spot Outline

Motsuyaki Daitoryo is an izakaya located in Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo. It is known as a famous spot for the bar hopping in Ueno Ameyoko, where one can enjoy drinking and eating at reasonable prices. The shop is always busy and often fully booked, but the customer turnover is fast. For those who want to take their time, there is a branch store nearby.

Tachinomi Kadokura (立ち飲みカドクラ)

For my second stop, I came to a famous standing style bar! Here, you can enjoy popular dish, deep-fried ham cutlets and teppanyaki at a reasonable price.

At Kadokura, you pay for each order as you place it.

Tonpei-yaki (Pork Belly and Cabbage Omelette/Easy Okonomiyaki)

This is a teppanyaki dish you should try! They grill it on the teppan (iron plate) right in front of you, making it appetizing! It is also reasonably priced at 350 yen ✨

Hamu Katsu (Fried Ham Cutlet)

This is another dish that you should try! Amazingly priced at 250 yen! Very juicy and delicious!

Spot Outline

Kadokura is an izakaya located in Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo. According to reviews, it is famous as a standing bar where you can enjoy its famous ham katsu (ham cutlet) and teppan-yaki at reasonable prices. In addition, since the parent company is a yakiniku restaurant, the meat-based dishes are also said to be delicious.

Jizakana Yatai Hamachan Ueno Branch (地魚屋台 浜ちゃん 上野店)

If you’re in the mood for fish, this is the place for you! My last stop for bar hopping is a famous shop located nearby the ones I visited so far.

The fish dishes and tempura are delicious, and while the prices may be a bit higher than some of the shops introduced earlier, I highly recommend giving it a try!


Not only was the tempura crispy and delicious, but the generous amount of grated daikon (radish) for dipping was a delightful surprise! I enjoyed it with plenty of grated daikon✨

Even though it is a local fish stall, there are more varieties of tempura than fish dishes!


The last dish is a sashimi! Fresh and very tasty✨

Spot Outline

Jizakana Yatai Hamachan Ueno Branch is a seafood and seafood izakaya located in Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo. Tempura and fried foods are also available. If you want to eat fish food, visit here!

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