Izakaya Hopping in Kita-Senju: Solo Izakaya Tour in Tokyo!



Kita Senju, located in northern Tokyo, is easily accessible from Tokyo Station via the JR Joban Line and the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line, making it convenient for travelers to explore. While not as well-known as other areas, Kita Senju boasts charming local markets, offering a glimpse into everyday Japanese life. One unique feature is its vibrant izakayas (Japanese pubs) and restaurants, where visitors can savor authentic Japanese cuisine away from the bustling city center.

This time, I went izakaya hopping alone in Kita Senju, and along the road, there was a line of unique izakaya, both old and new✨ Take a look at my izakaya hopping day out!

*Please note that information and prices listed are subject to change.

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The first izakaya is a 2-minute walk from the west exit.
This place was open from 10:00 a.m. and was crowded with regulars after noon.

I was surprised by the variety of menu! I couldn’t decide what to order until I asked the shop staff for a recommendation!

The fluffy conger eel (Anago) and oysters were delicious, but most of all, the drink was so good that I couldn’t help but have another one lol.

Menus are on the wall.

Wide variety of dishes

Koraku ball (300 yen)

Japanese conger eel tempura (750 yen)

Pacific oyster (500 yen)

Spot Outline

Located in Senju, Adachi-ku, Tokyo, Koraku is an izakaya (Japanese-style bar) located a 2-minute walk from the west exit. Open from 10:00am, the shop is crowded with regular customers after noon. The menu is so abundant that you cannot order until you ask the shop staff for a recommendation. The fluffy conger eel and oysters are delicious, but the koraku ball are especially tasty and make you want another cup.

Kuro (大衆酒場 くろ)

The second shop is located a little further away from Koraku, the first shop.
It is opened at 3:00pm and entered the shop as soon as it opened and there was already customers, a group of women there ✨
Beautiful interior, perfect choice even for izakaya beginners or a single woman.

They also offer a Happy Hour, which discounts on drinks for a certain time period on specific days. On this particular day, it was available until 7:00pm! Lucky✨
What a surprise, several kinds of alcohol including beer and sours were available for 100 yen because of Happy Hour!

The famous curry oden comes in five varieties for 500 yen! The curry broth is addictive and tasty!

The shop has counter and table seating.

Drink Menu

Food Menu

Curry oden (500 yen)

Spot Outline

Kuro, a popular bar located in Senju, Adachi-ku, Tokyo. It also serves yakitori and has a wide range of menu items. The shop is clean and neat, and it is easy to enter even for a single woman. Happy hour is also held, and several kinds of drinks, including beer and sours, are sometimes available for 100 yen. The famous curry oden is served in five varieties, and the curry broth is addictive and delicious. Open from 3:00pm.

Tenshichi Main Store (天七 本店)

The last stop was Tenshichi, which was the closest to the station!
The shop, with its old-fashioned atmosphere, was crowded with salarymen after work.

You can order kushikatsu with a minimum order of two pieces, priced at ¥170 or ¥190 for each!

Counter seats only


Hot sake (330 yen)

Shrimp (190 yen per piece)

Chicken (190 yen per piece)

Spot Outline

Tenshichi (Honten), located in Adachi-ku, Tokyo, is a standing izakaya (Japanese-style bar) serving Kansai-style deep fried skewers. You can order from two skewers for 170 yen or 190 yen each. The lively atmosphere is ideal for drinking alone.

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