Nasu 2 Day Itinerary



This time, two girls went to Nasu! We rented a car and drove 🌞🚗 under clear skies.
From interesting experiences with trick art to trendy cafes, resort-like hotels, and even water activities with spectacular views! The best of all worlds!
If you are going to play in Nasu in summer, this is a great plan that you should definitely refer to 🥰.

*Please note that information and prices listed are subject to change.

Travel Itinerary

Nasushiobara Station

Start by renting a car at a nearby car rental store!
This time it’s a road trip 🔆🚗 ³₃

Spot Outline

Nasushiobara Station is located in Oharuma, Nasushiobara City, Tochigi Prefecture. This station is mainly used as a transportation hub, with both conventional and Shinkansen trains arriving and departing from the station, making access from central Tokyo convenient. There is also a car rental store near the station, where visitors can rent a car and enjoy a road trip. Nearby are tourist attractions such as the Nasu Stained Glass Museum and the Nasu Ropeway. The station also offers a wide variety of souvenirs and ekiben, making it a convenient location for travelers.

1:00pm Nasu Toric Art Museum(那須とりっくあーとぴあ)

First we headed to Japan’s largest trick art theme park! 👀
There are many interesting works that make use of human illusions.
There are three interactive museums with different themes, and this time I only appreciated the “Hall of Trick Art” ‼️

Seeing the trick art through a camera makes it more three-dimensional than seeing it with your eyes, so it’s sure to look great in photos 📸.

Admission is 1,300 yen per adult (single theater only)


Trick art had already started outside 👀❣️


Three museums

Michelangelo’s Museum and Trick Art’s Labyrinth are located 600 meters away from the Trick Art Museum!


The image appears to be three-dimensional when viewed through a camera.

Art that makes the most of the building’s construction

Cute bear art too 🐻❤️

A magical world of art on every wall 🌳.

Sea Corner 🌊🏖

Even the floor was painted with art, it was like really going into the ocean!

Ocean Corner 2

Ocean Corner 3

There is more!

Dog Art🐕.

The angle at which the photo is taken is also important!

Souvenir Corner

There was an abundance of trick art mini-art, beautiful paintings, and interesting stickers 🙌.

Souvenir Corner 2

Spot Outline

Nasu Trick Art Museum, located in Nasu-cho, Nasu-gun, Tochigi Prefecture, is a mysterious trick art museum. 3 interactive museums, each with a different theme, are available. Admission is 1,300 yen for adults (single museum only). Word of mouth has it that many of the trick art pieces are photo-worthy and recommended for rainy day plans.

2:20pm Cafe Sugi to Kurumi(カフェ杉と胡桃)

After taking a break, we came to a cafe just a short drive away where we could enjoy sweets made from rare natural walnuts and aromatic coffee! ☕️💖

The wood-grained Japanese modern atmosphere was very cozy! 😊
The restaurant was quite spacious, so it was easy to visit 🙌🙌

Natural walnut cheesecake 600 yen
Natural walnut ice cream (small) 400 yen
Cedar Blend 600 yen





Interior 3

Interior 4

Souvenir Corner

Handmade walnut accessories were sold!

Pudding beko

There were also homemade walnut cookies!


What a menu list made of walnut wood!
I hear it’s kawaii – ☺️
I was lost in the abundance of sweets and drinks using walnuts! 🥹

Weekday Lunch

What we ordered

Chiffon cake of junen 550 yen
Walnut blend 600 yen

The fluffy chiffon cake is delicious with the crunch of walnuts. ☺️

Spot Outline

Cafe Sugi to Kurumi is located in Nasu-cho, Nasu-gun, Tochigi Prefecture. You can enjoy sweets using natural walnuts and aromatic coffee. The interior of the restaurant has a modern Japanese-style atmosphere with wood grain patterns, and is cozy and spacious, making it easy to visit. According to word of mouth, natural walnut cheesecake, ice cream, and cedar blend coffee are highly recommended. It is also easily accessible by car, making it a perfect spot for a rest stop.

3:30pm Hotel Sun Valley Nasu(ホテルサンバレー那須)

We stayed at this hotel 🤩.
Nine pavilions scattered throughout the area❗️
There are a variety of pavilions, from those that are quite spacious and offer an elegant resort experience to those that offer a relaxing lodging 🤭.

We stayed at the Queen’s Collina, a hotel with a distinctive red roof and a little luxury space in an extraordinary setting😻😻.

main building

Exterior view of Queen’s Colina


We were given a welcome drink❣️


The luxurious and luxurious lobby with its large spiral staircase is a distinctive feature of the hotel!

Lobby 2

Welcome drink

There were refreshing drinks perfect for the hot summer, such as detox water and shiso juice 🥤.

Rooms with a view of the greenery in the garden

Room 2 with a view of the greenery in the garden

men’s yukata

women’s yukata

You can choose your favorite yukata in the lobby! The obis are also colorful and fun to choose 😹.


Western-style room with open-air bath” to enjoy the good smell of Japanese cypress and the magnificent view of Nasu Highland ⭐️
There were two large beds to relax after a long journey 😌☁️

Around TV

open air bath

It is great to have an open-air bath in your room, isn’t it? It was a hinoki bath with the scent of sulfur! ♨️
Soaking in a slightly hot bath with a great view is bliss 😚.

In addition to the rooms, there were a total of three large bathhouses in an annex just a short walk away!

Dinner room

Dinner will be served in an annex a short distance away!
It’s within walking distance, but there was a shuttle bus to take you there, so no need to worry about rainy days 😉.


Dinner is buffet style with Chinese cuisine as the main course. 🇨🇳🐼
You can eat as much bean curd, shrimp, fried rice, etc. as you like 😋.
Western and Japanese food is also available for those who are greedy 😆.


What a great selection of freshly made ramen!
The miniature size makes it easy to eat 🍜.


The chef grilled the steaks right in front of us!
You can eat the tender meat with standard steak sauce, wasabi or salt as you like 😌.

Peking duck

Freshly made Peking duck!
You can even get authentic Chinese food like this!

first shot

second bullet

I had a second helping of meat 😋😋.

third bullet

Sun Valley Garden

The illumination was very beautiful.

Association of the Sun

We were able to watch the projection mapping for free! 🙌

Cute 💐


Breakfast was also buffet style!

I had ramen in the morning too! LOL!

A luxurious morning to recharge your batteries for the day 👍.

Floor Map


Spot Outline

Hotel Sun Valley Nasu is a hot spring resort hotel located in Yumoto, Nasu-cho, Nasu-gun, Tochigi Prefecture. According to reviews, the hotel is a spacious and elegant resort dotted with nine pavilions, and has a variety of pavilions, including the red-roofed Queen’s Corina. You can enjoy 18 types of outdoor hot spring pools, a variety of seasonal buffets in Japanese and Western style, and there is even a pet hotel so you and your dog can stay together. The hotel is a resort hotel where you can experience the four seasons.

9:20am Nasu Ropeway(那須ロープウェイ)

The first of the second day starts here!
From the base station to the summit station, anyone can take the ropeway to enjoy a trip in the sky! It was a beautiful sunny day 🗻🌞.

1,800 yen per adult (round trip)
You can smoothly purchase tickets from a ticket machine ‼️


Mountains everywhere you look! Nice view 🤭.

Mitsufuku dango



ticket machine


sea of clouds

It was very beautiful!
It’s like being above the clouds, a magical feeling, and a breathtaking view! ☁️😳

summit station

If you want to climb a mountain, it is a 90-minute walk from here!

The climbing course looked gentle, but I was pretty out of breath after a short walk 😂.
But it will be nice to walk while enjoying the magnificent scenery!


You can get coffee and Sanfuku dango, a specialty at the ropeway!

Iced coffee 400 yen

Coffee in the sky was exceptional 🥹.


View from the ropeway

Spot Outline

Nasu Ropeway is a spot located in Yumoto, Nasu-cho, Nasu-gun, Tochigi Prefecture. This location is also known as the filming location for the Nippon Television drama Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo. Here, visitors can take a ropeway from the foot station to the summit station, allowing anyone to enjoy a trip in the sky. On a clear day, you can enjoy the most pleasant view. The fare for one adult is 1,800 yen (round trip), which can be purchased smoothly from a ticket machine.

11:00am Kaze no Mori Madoka(かぜの杜 まど花)

Lunch here after taking in the spectacular view! 🍴🍕
It is a complex located in Nasu Yumoto with two stores, Cafe Madohana and Merizana!
We had it on the terrace while enjoying the view of Nasu Yumoto 😉💖.
The pizza was so good – crispy dough with lots of cheese! 😫



Introspection 2



Souvenir Corner



Terrace Seat

Terrace seating is highly recommended on sunny days 😚.
You can enjoy a meal while enjoying the view of Nasu Yumoto.

Terrace seats 2


Matcha latte 500 yen
Banana juice 550 yen

Tomato & Mozzarella Pizza S size 800 yen

Strawberry fluffy snow shaved ice: 800 yen

Fluffy sweet shaved ice flavored with strawberries and condensed milk! It was so nice to feel like midsummer 🍓🫠.

Spot Outline

Kaze no Mori Madohana is a restaurant located in Yumoto, Nasu-cho, Nasu-gun, Tochigi Prefecture. From the terrace seats, you can enjoy a spectacular view of Nasu Yumoto. According to word of mouth, the pizza is delicious with plenty of cheese on a crispy crust. It is a recommended spot for lunch.

1:30pm Spes Activity Nasu(Spesアクティビティ那須)

Finally, I have experienced water activities here 🫡❗️
SUP is short for Stand Up Paddleboard, which is a water-based activity in which you stand on a board and paddle on the water’s surface! 🏄‍♂️🌊

I was very anxious as a beginner, but the staff kindly supported me and I soon got the hang of it and was able to enjoy it 🤭.
Many people brought their dogs and put them on the board with them 🐶💕.

The fee is 6,500 yen per adult and reservations are required!
Equipment needed for the activity can be borrowed! 😊

Spot Outline

Spes Activity Nasu, located in Nasu-cho, Nasu-gun, Tochigi Prefecture, is an experience/activity spot. Here, you can enjoy SUP, a water activity where you stand on a board and paddle on the surface of the water. Even beginners can participate safely, and the staff will gently support you. You can also participate with your dog.

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