Hakodate 2 Day Itinerary: Fulfilling women’s trip with plenty of gourmet food and sightseeing 👯‍♀️💖



This time I stayed at the new FAV Hotel in Hakodate, Hokkaido 😊! The artistic rooms were very stylish and nice 🎨💕 We also experienced the luxury of being able to book sushi in the hotel 🤤🍣.

We also visited other popular Hakodate spots and had two days full of food and sightseeing 🥰🛩.
Please refer to this page when you travel to Hakodate. ❣️

*Please note that information and prices listed are subject to change.

Travel Itinerary

11:15am Hakodate Airport(函館空港)

Arrival at Hakodate Airport 🛩.
It was less than an hour from Tokyo Haneda!
As expected in Hokkaido, the temperature was low and cold 🥶.

There was a bus service from the airport to the city center! 🚌
The flight arrived at 11:15 and the bus left at 11:29, so I was in a bit of a hurry💦.

However, the bus stop was easy to find, so I was able to board the bus with surprisingly little time to spare 👌😺.

It takes less than 30 minutes by car to get to Goryokaku!
If you miss the bus, you can still get there by cab: 🙆‍♀️🚖

Spot Outline

Hakodate Airport is located in Takamatsu-cho, Hakodate, Hokkaido. Access to Hakodate Airport takes less than one hour from Tokyo Haneda Airport. Buses are available to and from Hakodate Station.

12:00pm Lucky Pierrot Goryokaku Koen-mae Store(ラッキーピエロ 五稜郭公園前店)

It takes about 5 minutes to walk there after getting off the bus!
Lunch at Lucky Piero, known as Hakodate’s soul food 🍔.
It is marked by a large clown sign! 🤡🧡.

This is a hamburger store that operates mainly in Hakodate!
It was a Chinese chicken burger with a hearty piece of chicken and it was delicious and insanely tasty but cheap 🤤🤤🤤🤤.

The food is loved by the locals, and when I went there at lunch time, it was rather crowded even on a weekday 😮!
By the way, Lucky Clown is called Lappi by the locals ☝️

What we ate this time🍔.

Chinese Chicken Burger – Bamboo
(with fried egg) 390 yen
Chinese Chicken Burger – Matsu
(with cheese) 400 yen
lucky guarana

This is a great price for such a large volume, 🥺.
Lucky Garana is apparently a popular carbonated beverage in Hakodate! I drank it for the first time and it tasted strange! (lol)
It’s hard to describe the taste, but it’s almost like an energy drink 🤔💭.
It tasted delicious and addictive. 😋︎💕︎


Each store seems to have a slightly different concept and interior design!
It will be fun to visit different stores 😙.


You would think it was just hamburgers, but there are many other items on the menu!
There were also hearty Western meals and sweets 🍨.
I wish I could have tried some of the others 🥺.

Spot Outline

Lucky Pierrot Goryokaku Koen-mae Store is a hamburger store located in Goryokaku-cho, Hakodate, Hokkaido. The menu also includes Chinese chicken burgers and curry rice, and the omelette in particular is large and hearty. The restaurant is loved by locals and is rather crowded even on weekdays during lunch time. Since there are not many cafes in the Goryokaku area, it is sometimes very crowded with tourists. The store is also so popular that some customers order soft-serve ice cream even in winter. They make it after you order, so you can taste it freshly made. It takes about 5 minutes to walk there after getting off the bus, and you will see a large clown sign.

1:00pm Goryokaku Tower(五稜郭タワー)

Go to the tower, which has an observation deck overlooking Goryokaku!
It was very nice to see the beautiful pentagonal star-shaped Goryokaku and the view of Hakodate 😊.

Enjoy 360-degree views of Mount Hakodate, the Tsugaru Straits, and the Yokotsu mountain range! 🌊✨
The weather was nice, so I could see far into the distance.
If you visit Hakodate, you cannot miss this spot!
It is said that this spot was the setting for the manga Golden Kamuy.
Souvenirs were also sold 😙.







Various Exhibits

gelato (Italian ice cream)


Nice weather and good view ◎

Spot Outline

Goryokaku Tower is an observation tower located in Goryokaku-cho, Hakodate, Hokkaido. From the observation deck, visitors can enjoy a 360-degree view of Goryokaku and Hakodate, and in good weather, they can see far into the distance. Souvenirs are also available for purchase. Please note, however, that the museum may be closed in case of rain. Admission is 1,000 yen.

2:00pm Chouette Cacao(シュウェットカカオ)

Before returning to the hotel, we procured some desserts! 🍫
A 10-minute walk from Goryokaku Tower, we went to a specialty chocolate store 😋.

Lots of beautiful cakes and chocolates, 🥺︎💕︎
They all look so good, I was lost!
It’s hard to find a specialty chocolate store, so I was excited. ☺️

I decided on a cake called Sachertorte and Lella Cacao!

The rich chocolate is irresistible and chocolate lovers should definitely go there… 😍.



Spot Outline

Chouette Cacao, located in Yanagawa-cho, Hakodate, Hokkaido, specializes in chocolate and chocolates. It offers a wide selection of beautiful cakes and chocolates, which are highly praised for their delicious taste by word of mouth. Located a 10-minute walk from Goryokaku Tower, it is a great place to procure a dessert before returning to your hotel. It is rare to find a store specializing in chocolate, so just visiting is sure to be an exciting experience.


We stayed at this hotel, which just opened in August 2022!
FAV Hotel is expanding all over the country and seems to be the first in Hokkaido👏👏.

There are pet-friendly rooms where you can stay with your pets, and stylish rooms designed with artwork created by people with disabilities called Herald Bonnie Rooms🎨☺️

This time I stayed in a heralbonie room!
It was the cutest room that made me want to take pictures in the room 😍.



Cafe & BAR space



Free to take style from the lobby: 🙆‍♀️

Stylish interior with art on display.



sushi train

Sushi service at the BAR counter in the hotel, where a chef will come and make sushi right in front of you 🍣(reservation required).

Glorious seafood✨🐟🥹.

They make a variety of ingredients right in front of you!

Everything was delicious, but the shellfish and sea urchin were so good, ︎🥹.

Sea urchin and salmon roe.

Spot Outline

FAV HOTEL HAKODATE is an accommodation facility located in Otemachi, Hakodate, Hokkaido. Opened in August 2022, it is a new and attractive hotel. FAV Hotel is expanding nationwide and this is their first entry into Hokkaido. The hotel has pet-friendly rooms where guests can stay with their pets, and stylish herbal bonnie rooms designed with artwork created by people with disabilities.

8:10pm Mount Hakodate Observatory(Observatory)

Hakodate is said to be famous for its night view, so I went out for a bit after dinner 👭💖.
There was a bus from Hakodate Station to Mt. Hakodate🚌.
On the way up the mountain, there was a surprise: the bus went completely dark and we climbed up while viewing the night view 😂.

A million dollar night view indeed! 🏙💗
Too beautiful to keep looking at… 🥹🥹🥹.
The view from Goryokaku Tower during the daytime was completely different 😌.

If you bring a good quality camera, you can get a crazy beautiful picture! (lol)
It was quite cold since it was night and on top of a mountain 😂.
We recommend that you keep warm when you go to see the night view: ‼️

Spot Outline

Mount Hakodate Observatory, located in Hakodate City, Hokkaido, is an observatory from which visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of Hakodate City and its suburbs, as well as the night view. The mountain top is cold at night, so visitors are advised to stay warm. During the ropeway inspection, you can take a bus to the top, but the crowds are huge, so if you have the energy, we recommend taking the bus to the foot station of the ropeway. Also, since there are restrictions on private cars, it is a good idea to take a cab.

9:20pm Hikari no Yatai Daimon Yokocho(ひかりの屋台大門横丁)

We took a bus back to the station!
It was still a little early for bed, so we went to this side street where many izakaya (Japanese style pubs) were gathered! I’m so excited to see you all!

It takes about 8 minutes to walk from the station!
The nostalgic atmosphere makes this place photo-worthy too~ ☺️

There were 26 restaurants in total, from gourmet Hokkaido and Hakodate food to snacks? I had a hard time deciding where to go.
If I had more time, I would have loved to have had a barge here 🤭.


Nostalgic atmosphere

Spot Outline

Hikari no Yatai Daimon Yokocho, located at 7 Shofu-cho, Hakodate, Hokkaido, is a food stall village with 26 restaurants. It is close to the station and can be enjoyed even on rainy days. Visitors can enjoy a variety of cuisines in this kitschy town that is fun just to walk through. Hakodate gourmet food is concentrated here, and you can enjoy various genres of delicious food such as Hakodate salt ramen, Genghis Khan, oden, seafood taverns, and more. Located about a 5-minute walk from Hakodate Station, visitors can enjoy the delicious smells and have a hard time deciding which restaurant to enter.

9:25pm Hakodate Zangi(函館ザンギ)

The first is Izakaya, which offers a wide variety of snack menus using Shiretoko chicken, including Zangi (fried chicken) from Hokkaido.
There were a variety of drinks and cocktails!

The U-shaped counter is the only place where the staff and customers are very close to each other! The staff is very friendly and it was a lot of fun to drink while talking with them.

I thought it might be for tourists, but there were many locals and we were warmly welcomed on our first trip to Hakodate. I thought it might be for tourists, but there were many locals and we were warmly welcomed on our first trip to Hakodate!
It was very cozy and I was going to have a drink and go home, but I ended up staying longer than I intended… (laughs)



Oolong High / Asahi Draft Beer

Mozzarella in kombu dashi broth

I hear it tastes great mixed with guarana and beer.

Nagamono with ponzu sauce

Spot Outline

Hakodate Zangi, located in Hakodate City, Hokkaido, is an izakaya (Japanese style bar) that focuses on fried chicken. The menu features a wide variety of snacks made with Shiretoko chicken and a diverse selection of drinks, including cocktails. The restaurant has only a U-shaped counter, and the staff is very friendly and close to the customers. Although it may seem like a place for tourists, many locals are here and will give you a warm welcome even if it is your first trip to Hakodate. Word on the street is that the restaurant is so cozy that customers tend to stay longer than they would like.


After enjoying the sake bar, return to the hotel and enjoy a relaxing hotel stay!

The hotel does not have a breakfast plan, but you can also get snacks and coffee at the hotel’s cafe! ☕️

8:00am E-Ki-Ni Hakodate Morning Market(函館朝市えきに市場)

The second day started at the market.

There is a morning market just a 2 minute walk from the hotel, so this time I woke up early and stopped here! 😊
There was a lot of activity in the morning, with lots of fresh fish and processed products that would make great souvenirs 🐟✨.

It depends on the store,
They are open all year round from May to December from 5:00am to past 2:00pm. ‼️

They have about 250 stores 🫢.

Spot Outline

Hakodate Asaichi Eni Market, located in Hakodate City, Hokkaido, is an indoor market. The market is lively from morning and offers a wide variety of fresh fish and processed goods. The market has approximately 250 stores and is open year-round.

8:05am Hakodate Morning Market Jiburi Shop(函館朝市 地ブリショップ)

We decided to take out at a yellowtail-themed antenna store.
Hakodate is said to have the second largest yellowtail harvest in Japan! I bought a yellowtail tarekatsu burger!
I’ll eat slowly at the hotel 🍔💖.
450 yen per piece



Spot Outline

Located in Wakamatsu-cho, Hakodate City, Hokkaido, Hakodate Morning Market Jiburi Shop is an antenna store that connects people and the sea through yellowtail. In addition to in-store dining and souvenirs, the shop sells a wide variety of yellowtail-related products. Hakodate is said to have the second largest yellowtail harvest in Japan, and dishes and products using yellowtail are popular. Word of mouth recommends the yellowtail tarekatsu burger, priced at 450 yen each. When visiting Hakodate, look for delicious yellowtail dishes and souvenirs at Hakodate Asaichi Jiburi Shop.


Back at the hotel, we get a take-out hamburger 🍔 It’s close to the market and easy to get around.

10:30am Motoizaka(基坂)

After checking out, I took the tram towards Suehirocho😊The streets around Suehirocho station were very nice and exotic! Enjoy the port city of Hakodate ⛴💙.

The name Motoizaka, which I came to, seems to be read as “Motoyaka!
Beautiful street like a scene from a foreign movie.
It was quite a long hill and I was a little out of breath at the end.

Spot Outline

Motoisaka, located in Hakodate City, Hokkaido, is a sightseeing spot where visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of the city of Hakodate from Motomachi Park at the top of the hill. The name ” comes from the fact that Ritei Genpyo, a base point for measuring the number of villages, was placed at the bottom of the hill. According to word of mouth, the slope is quite long and the gradient at the end is enough to make you gasp for air.

10:40am Former British Consulate of Hakodate(函館市旧イギリス領事館)

This historic building is the former British Consulate 🇬🇧
Hakodate was an international trading port, so it has an exotic atmosphere 🙂.
It was a consulate until 1934 and then it remains as the Port Opening Memorial Hall. ‼️
So this is the Perry’s Arrival that you saw in your textbooks!

Admission is 300 yen per adult (150 yen for students)

reception counter


A reproduction of the consul’s office at that time

Port Opening Museum

Learn the history of Perry’s arrival in Japan.

Spot Outline

Former British Consulate of Hakodate, located in Motomachi, Hakodate, is a former British Consulate. Word of mouth has praised the building for its history and for being a lovely Western-style building. They also reported that the courtyard is lovely and that visitors can enjoy tea and cakes in the tea house. Admission is 300 yen per adult (150 yen for students), and a common admission ticket with the public hall can be purchased.

11:00am Tea Room Victorian Rose(ティールーム ヴィクトリアンローズ)

Tea time here in the former British Consulate ☕️💗
Cute antique look 😍😍😍.
It’s a taste of English tea time! The girls definitely love it here 💭🥺.

There was also a limited amount of tea, cakes and afternoon tea 🍰💜.



Stylish space

Teacups also available

Looks like a good souvenir.


Spot Outline

Tea Room Victorian Rose is a cafe located in the former British Consulate in Hakodate, Hokkaido. Here, you can enjoy tea time in a lovely antique atmosphere. Tea, cakes, and afternoon tea are offered in limited quantities. It is a particularly attractive spot for women and well worth a visit.

11:30am Motomachi Park(元町公園)

Spacious park just up the hill 🌳.
As you go to the top, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the port city of Hakodate!

Climbing up the hill!

A view of the port city of Hakodate

Spot Outline

Motomachi Park, located in Hakodate, Hokkaido, is a Western-style park. The park is located up a hill, and at the top one can enjoy a panoramic view of the port city of Hakodate. On a clear day, the contrast between the sky and the sea is superb. There is also a statue of Perry a short distance down from the park. Word of mouth has praised the park’s size and the beauty of the scenery.

11:45am Hachiman Zaka Slope(八幡坂)

Read Hachimanzaka❗️
A view spot in Hakodate that has apparently been used for commercial filming!
The straight slope and the ocean at the end of it were beautiful 🌊.
I heard that it is lit up and beautiful in winter as well!
I recommend it because you can take stylish pictures 😚📸😚📸.


Spot Outline

Hachiman Zaka Slope, located at 14 Motomachi, Suehiro-cho, Hakodate, Hokkaido, is a well-known view spot in Hakodate. This spot offers a view of the ocean from a single slope. In December, the area is illuminated, creating a beautiful sight.

12:00pm Holy Resurrection Orthodox Church of Hakodate(函館ハリストス正教会)

I wanted to go, but they were under construction that day, so I couldn’t see it – too bad 🥺.

Spot Outline

Holy Resurrection Orthodox Church of Hakodate, located in Hakodate City, Hokkaido, was designated a National Important Cultural Property in 1982, and the sound of its bell has been selected as one of the 100 best soundscapes in Japan. The interior of the church is open for tours, and the icon paintings and furnishings are highly praised by word of mouth for their excellence.

12:10pm Hakodate St. John’s Church(函館聖ヨハネ教会)

It is a fine association!
It was interesting to see the mix of associations and Japanese style buildings in this area 😂.

Spot Outline

Hakodate St. John’s Church is located in Hakodate, Hokkaido. The surrounding area is home to Japanese-style buildings and St. John the Harist Church, as well as a cute general store and a soft-serve ice cream shop on a cobblestone street, making it a great place to stroll around. The simple yet cool appearance of the church is so distinctive that once you see it, you will never forget it.

12:20pm Motomachi Roman Catholic Church(カトリック元町教会)

The church was too gorgeous with its red roof 😆.

Churches scattered around the area

Spot Outline

Motomachi Roman Catholic Church is located in Motomachi, Hakodate, Hokkaido, and is one of the three churches representing Motomachi in Hakodate. Inside the church, a mural depicting the life of Christ creates a solemn atmosphere. It is also located in the exotic Motomachi area and has a distinctive red roof. Word of mouth mentions that it is a gorgeous association and that the slopes are amazing.

12:30pm Saien(西園)

Lunch at a ramen shop with a long-established feel! 🍜♥️
Hakodate is said to have good salt ramen!
(Miso is from Sapporo.)

I had the most standard salt ramen!
The light broth and soft char siu pork were delicious 😋.
It is in a touristy area but the price is reasonable!
I warmed up my slightly cold body by walking a lot 💗😌💗.




Spot Outline

Saien is a machuka (traditional Chinese restaurant) located in Hakodate, Hokkaido. Visitors can enjoy meals such as ramen, yakisoba, and gyoza (dumplings), and the salt ramen is especially popular. It is popular among tourists and locals alike for its long-established atmosphere and reasonable prices.

1:30pm Kanemori Red Brick Warehouse(金森赤レンガ倉庫)

Finally, I came back to Hakodate to buy some souvenirs!
There were four wings with many restaurants, general merchandise and souvenir stores 😌.

Spot Outline

The Kanamori Red Brick Warehouse in Hakodate, Hokkaido, is a landmark in the Hakodate Bay area of Hokkaido, consisting of four facilities. Word of mouth has it that there are many fashionable general merchandise stores, and some say it is a great place to buy souvenirs.

1:35pm Hakodate Music Box Museum(函館オルゴール堂)

Music box specialty store based in Otaru, Hokkaido ✨🥺.
There are many kinds of beautiful music boxes!
The store was cozy and comfortable with the gentle sound of music boxes playing~☺️

The sparkling music box was so cute I bought it as a souvenir 🙌!
There are interesting shapes and unusual music boxes that I could look at forever 🥳.
On the second floor, it looked like they could make handmade music boxes!


Introspection 2




Spot Outline

Hakodate Music Box Museum is located in Hakodate, Hokkaido. There are many kinds of music boxes in the store, with gentle tones playing in a cozy atmosphere, and cute sparkling music boxes are also for sale. Visitors can also make their own handmade music boxes on the second floor.

1:40pm Original store Aoi Mori(オリジナルショップ あおい森)

A wide variety of souvenirs are available, from standard souvenirs to original souvenirs with a bit of character 😉.

Misuzu Hakodate

caramel (browned sugar used as flavouring)

Spot Outline

Original Shop Aoi Mori, located in Suehiro-cho, Hakodate, Hokkaido, is a place where visitors can enjoy shopping. The shop offers a wide range of products, from standard souvenirs to original souvenirs that are a little unique. Even if you have trouble choosing a souvenir, you are sure to find something here that will satisfy your needs. According to word of mouth, the shop has a reputation for having a wide variety of souvenirs, from standard items to unique items. Please visit and find a souvenir for yourself or your loved ones.

2:00pm Sailor’s Market(セーラーズ・マーケット)

Standard souvenirs from Hakodate, Hokkaido, were sold!
You can’t go wrong buying souvenirs here, mainly sweets! 👏😊

Souvenir 1

Souvenir 2

Spot Outline

Sailor’s Market, located in Suehiro-cho, Hakodate, Hokkaido, is a shopping destination. Here, you will find a wide selection of classic souvenirs from Hokkaido and Hakodate, with sweets in particular being the main items on offer. It is a place that cannot be missed if you are looking for local souvenirs. According to word of mouth, you can be sure to get the perfect souvenir when you buy here. Please visit!

3:30pm Hakodate Station(函館駅)

Bus ride to the airport! The red model? It looks like a red model 😌❗️

Spot Outline

Hakodate Station is located in Wakamatsu-cho, Hakodate, Hokkaido. The station is very conveniently located with various facilities nearby.

4:45pm Hakodate Airport(函館空港)

We are back at the airport! This trip to Hakodate is over.

Please take a look at it for reference~! ♪

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