Kin-cho kunigami-gun, Okinawa 2 Day Itinerary: delicious gourmet food and BTS filming locations



Kin-cho is a quiet town with beautiful nature located in the center of the main island of Okinawa. Its historical heritage, idyllic scenery, and friendly atmosphere attract visitors.
This time, you can enjoy a ladle of drinks at a bar with an American feel, be healed by aroma, and visit BTS (korean idol) locations. We were very satisfied with the BBQ overlooking the ocean and our ocean-view room!
If you want to enjoy delicious food and feel exotic atmosphere in Okinawa, this plan is a must-see!

*Please note that the information and prices listed are subject to change.

Travel Itinerary

12:00pm KIN Sunrise Beach Seaside Park(KINサンライズビーチ海浜公園)

The first place we headed to was the Kaihin Park, which just opened in 2022, where you can enjoy the beautiful facilities and the white sandy beaches of Okinawa!
Some photos are taken in front of the large, colorful objects.
The building of the facility is stylish with a white base color.
Here’s a BBQ for lunch with a view of the ocean!
After dinner we enjoyed marine sports.





Toilet and shower

Beach is right in front of you

Rest Space


objet d’art

Photo Spot

Kin Agu set ¥2,700


A full range of meats

Yukishio (Salt like powder snow)

expression of gratitude before meals

reception counter


Schedule of Charges

marine sports

The speed is like riding a roller coaster! You will get soaking wet.

Spot Outline

KIN Sunrise Beach Seaside Park, located in Kin-cho kunigami-gun, Okinawa, is one of the largest long beaches in the prefecture. Visitors can enjoy swimming, BBQ with a view of the ocean, and marine sports. Reviews introduce the beauty of the facilities, photo-worthy places, stylish buildings, and the fun of BBQ and marine sports while enjoying the view of the sea.


We stayed at this hotel this time! This hotel is almost ready for its grand opening.
Beautiful & high-tech, futuristic atmosphere!
The room windows overlook the beautiful blue ocean.
The attraction is that you can enjoy natural hot spring water, which is rare in Okinawa! Sauna is also available.






This allows you to call the front desk and get tourist information!

coffee maker


(hand) towel

with bidet functions

View from the room

View from the room 2

washing place

Shampoo etc.


Rotenburo(open air bath)

large public bath

Gimbal Hot Springs(ギンバル温泉)

jet bath

There is also a laundry.

Enjoy the spectacular view

Stylish chairs

Bars and restaurants.

Spot Outline

ASBO STAY HOTEL is located in Kin-cho kunigami-gun, Okinawa. The guest rooms overlook the beautiful blue ocean. It also has a rare natural hot spring and sauna to relax during your stay. Reviewers mention that they enjoyed the natural hot springs and local food as well as easy access to nearby walks and the beach.

5:00pm Shinkaichi(新開地)

For dinner on the first night, we went to Shinkaichi, right in front of the U.S. military base!
It is a magical area where you can feel exotic just by walking around.
I also enjoyed the barge.

Spot Outline

Shinkaichi, located in Kin, Kin-cho, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa, is known as a nightlife spot. Located right in front of the American military base, the townscape still retains an exotic atmosphere. Apparently it is also a filming location for a movie. Reviews indicate that it is a popular spot where you can feel the historical atmosphere.

5:00pm CHAMP CHICKEN Okinawa Kin-cho Store(CHAMP CHICKEN 沖縄金武町店)

Have dinner here with the macho chicken sign
You can get American sized juicy chicken and fresh juice with Okinawan fruits.
The chicken is dipped in a variety of sauces, including yangnyom, garlic butter, and honey mustard!
The chimaki with lots of big pieces of chicken is also very sticky and great.




Drink Menu

A-sign store

Roast Chicken Whole Large size ¥2,980, Chimaki (steamed glutinous rice dumpling wrapped in bamboo leaves)¥480, Roast Potato ¥500, Paradise Sunset ¥780, Magic Island ¥780


Spot Outline

CHAMP CHICKEN Okinawa Kinmu-cho Store, Kin-cho kunigami-gun, Okinawa, is a roast chicken specialty restaurant boasting American-sized juicy chicken. The macho chicken depicted on the signboard is a landmark. You can also enjoy original sauces to dip the chicken in and fresh juices made from Okinawan fruits.

7:00pm Manila Music Girls Bar

The first bar is here!
The manager welcomed us with a microphone performance!
I was able to have my drink made right in front of me and all the waitstaff were very friendly.I had an original cocktail.
The lighting and music have a great impact, but the restaurant is comfortable!


popular place to photograph something (e.g. a movie)


Spot Outline

Manila Music Girls Bar is a spot located in Kin-cho kunigami-gun, Okinawa. The manager welcomes customers with a microphone performance. In addition to having drinks made right in front of you, the staff is also friendly and the restaurant is said to be comfortable. Although the lighting and music have an impact, the overall atmosphere is relaxed and customers can enjoy original cocktails.

8:00pm Cheers Okinawa

The second restaurant is a different one from the previous one!
We have happy hour until a whopping 9:00pm ‼️
First, order the strawberry cheese cake shot ¥700! It really tastes like a cake.
They usually have a lot of U.S. military customers, so you can pay in U.S. dollars.
It was a very friendly and enjoyable restaurant!



Menu 2

Passion Sour ¥600

Tropical West Coast Sunset ¥700

Spot Outline

Cheers Okinawa is a bar located in Kin-cho kunigami-gun, Okinawa. This restaurant holds happy hour until 9:00pm, and you can enjoy a different atmosphere from the one at the previous restaurant. Especially recommended is the strawberry cheese cake shot (700 yen), which tastes like a cake. Since many U.S. military customers also visit the restaurant, payment in U.S. dollars is also accepted. You can have a good time in a friendly atmosphere.


Return to the hotel and go to bed.

6:30am a bagel oKINawa

Breakfast on the second day was take-out at a place that offers healthier bagel sandwiches and coffee! They have popular products made with local ingredients .
There are many delicious bagels and a wide variety of sandwiches and spreads!
A very eco-friendly store that uses eco-friendly cups and offers a 50 yen discount on drinks if you bring your own tumbler!
Take out and have it on the beach where we went yesterday.





Counter Seat


Order here

(cash) register


Bagel & Sandwich Salmon & Cream Cheese ¥800

Bagel & Spread Kin Tamu (Taro) paste & Cream Cheese Mini Size ¥450

Spot Outline

a bagel oKINawa is a bagel store located in Kin-cho kunigami-gun, Okinawa. Products using local ingredients are popular, and you can take out bagel sandwiches and coffee that are good for your health. A wide variety of bagels, sandwiches, and spritzers are available. The store is environmentally friendly and uses eco-friendly cups and offers a 50 yen discount on drinks if you bring your own tumbler.


For a morning of healing, I go to the Facial & Wellness Spa Women’s Salon, which is by appointment only!
The interior of the store is very cute and above all, it smells nice and relaxing as soon as you enter the store.
Experience all-hand beauty treatment




Introspection 2

Introspection 3


Seasonal fruit drink after the experience

It’s very sweet and a little squishy with no sugar or carbonation!

Spot Outline

GOLD BEAUTY HOUSE is a women-only salon located in Kin-cho kunigami-gun, Okinawa, and is open by appointment only. The cute interior and pleasant aroma in the salon create a healing space. The all-hand facial esthetics using trimarinbyel, which is known as applied ultrasound, is especially popular, and a visit in the morning is recommended. According to reviews, the skin feels moist and relaxed after the treatment.

10:00am casa natura(カーサナチュラ)

The store sells aromas and herbs, and also offers aroma crafts and other workshops!
I tried the Aroma Roll-On Creation Course and chose my favorite aromas and herbs to create my own unique scent.
A simple workshop for everyone.
Aroma oils and sundries were also sold!



Mars bag


Looks like a good souvenir.

Aroma Oil Selection

They say they are all handmade aroma oils!

Herb Selection

They have four to choose from, but you can put them all in!

Aroma oil blends


way of making

Spot Outline

Casa Natura is a relaxation space located in Kin-cho kunigami-gun, Okinawa. Aroma crafts and other workshops are offered here, where you could choose your favorite aromas and herbs to create your own unique scent. The workshops are simple and anyone can enjoy them. Aroma oils and sundries are also available for sale.

12:00pm Alo Edesse

Lunch on the second day is on the second floor of the hotel! This restaurant is popular for its diverse cuisine prepared with fresh local Okinawan ingredients .
We ordered the Chef’s Omakase lunch course and chose seafood and prefectural pork for our main course!
Enjoy stylish and delicious French cuisine!


Luxurious interior

View from the window


You can choose from the chef-made lunch course or the Motobu (Kuroge Wagyu beef born and raised in Okinawa) beef lunch course!

Passcard Original, jabuticaba and Cream Cheese

The sweet puff pastry is crispy and delicious~!

Seasonal Vegetable Ceviche, Shikuwasa Sauce, Yogurt Cream

Crunchy vegetables and sweet and sour yogurt sauce go well together!
Mozuku seaweed is a nice accent

diamond squid Poiret, garlic oil, polenta, tapenade, bacon

The taste changes depending on where you eat!

Sauteed local pork loin, mustard sauce, prefectural vegetables, pipa-tsu (Island pepper)

Tender meat that goes easily under the knife.

Spot Outline

Alo Edesse is a restaurant located in Kin-cho kunigami-gun, Okinawa. The restaurant is popular for its diverse cuisine using fresh ingredients grown in Okinawa, and offers stylish and delicious Ryukyuan French cuisine. For lunch, the chef’s omakase lunch course is available, with a choice of seafood or prefectural pork for the main dish.

2:00pm Shinkaichi(新開地)

Following the first day, we came to Shinkaichi on the second day.
This spot is also famous as a location for BTS’s music videos!
Finally, we will take a tour of the location~!


BTS location tour 1!
Building with American and retro colors
All members of the group are photographed in the background.

Spot Outline

A spot called “SURF SIDE” in Kin-cho, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa is a building with an American and retro atmosphere, and is also known as a filming location for BTS. Photos with all members in the background are also taken.The parking lot is located in the active park in front of the hotel, which is convenient because it is easily accessible. It is a popular spot where you can enjoy an American atmosphere.

Kitchen Brasil

BTS location tour 2! Authentic Brazilian restaurant.
Note that the color of the walls is different from when the members arrived!



Spot Outline

Kitchen Brasil is an authentic Brazilian restaurant located in Kin-cho kunigami-gun, Okinawa, and is also known as a location for BTS. Please note that the wall color has changed since the members visited.


BTS location tour 3! Per the stairs in front of the store.

Spot Outline

BAR 8SHOT is a bar located in Kin-cho, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa, and is also known as a filming location for BTS. In the MV, the members are sitting on the stairs in front of the store.


BTS Location Tour 4!
It is a well-established club located in Shinkaichi.


Spot Outline

Located in Kin-cho, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa, club shungrila is a long-established club established in 1976 and located two streets back from the SURF SIDE. It is also known as a BTS location. According to reviews, the location is a little difficult to find.

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