Edomae Sushi: The Edo Style Sushi, a Japanese Original Fast Food

Edomae sushi is a local cuisine with a long history that originated in Tokyo during the Edo period. It is known as the prototype of today’s nigiri-zushi, and there are a variety of restaurants ranging in price from reasonably priced stand-up restaurants to high-end sushi restaurants. It is a gourmet dish that every sushi lover should try at least once. Here we introduce the characteristics of Edomae Sushi, how to eat it, actual restaurants, and recommended restaurants.


What is Edomae Sushi?

Edomae Sushi is a type of nigiri-zushi (hand-pressed one bite size sushi rice topped with sliced raw fish) that originated in Edo (present-day Tokyo). The “Edomae” in “Edomae Sushi” means “Edo style sushi” as well as “sushi using fish from Tokyo Bay (the sea of Edo).

During the Edo period, there were no refrigerators, freezers, or other storage facilities, and transportation methods for speedy sushi delivery were not developed. The freshness of sushi quickly deteriorated over time, making it impossible to deliver sushi to customers while maintaining its high quality. Edo artisans succeeded in maintaining the freshness of sushi by “putting effort” the sushi ingredients, such as by tightening them with salt or vinegar, or marinating them in sauce. This was the beginning of Edomae Sushi.

In addition, Edomae Sushi keeps well and lasts long, and Edomae Sushi is characterized by its assortment of seasonings. In terms of the type of sushi topping, Edomae Sushi is characterized by the quality of its tuna.

How to eat Edomae Sushi, cautions and manners

In order to enjoy your meal smoothly and to avoid inconveniencing other customers, please keep the following basic manners in mind ✨.

way of eating

The temperature of the rice and the seasoning of the ingredients have been thoughtfully prepared based on the premise that Edomae Sushi is to be eaten immediately. Therefore, once the sushi is served, it should be tasted as soon as possible without waiting too long.

Precautions and Manners

When visiting an Edomae Sushi restaurant, the following points should be noted.

  • It is advisable to make reservations in advance for popular and well-established restaurants.
  • Do not come to the store wearing strong-smelling perfume or cosmetics
  • Obtain permission to take photographs.
  • Eat the sushi in one bite without biting off more than you can chew.

It is said that ingredients are the lifeblood of a sushi restaurant, and it is not acceptable to come to the restaurant wearing perfume or cosmetics with a strong smell. Please note that not only perfumes and cosmetics but also the smell of cigarettes must be taken into consideration, and if the smell is too strong, the restaurant may refuse your visit.

Let’s Go Try Hiroshima Oysters!

The restaurant I visited this time is Daiwa Sushi (大和寿司) in Toyosu Market.


It seems to be a popular restaurant where there is usually a long line, and on this day, I was finally able to enter the restaurant after standing in line for nearly an hour! It was worth it, it was the best sushi I’ve ever had ✨.

The restaurant had only counter seating and had an upscale feel.

Omakase Set (chef’s choice)

The set includes 7 pieces of nigiri, a roll, and miso soup. The fatty tuna melted in my mouth and I was so happy!

5 Restaurants where you can eat Edomae Sushi

Manten Sushi (まんてん鮨)

Kibun Sushi (紀文寿司)

Tsukiji Kagura Sushi (つきぢ神楽寿司)

Sushimasa (寿司政)

Bentenyama Miyako Sushi (弁天山 美家古寿司)

Editor’s Comment


Sushi is often associated with high prices, but many Edomae Sushi restaurants are reasonably priced, so you can visit with peace of mind. It is a great place to stop by on special occasions such as anniversaries and birthdays, or just to enjoy fresh sushi after work ✨

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