Kagawa 3 Day Itinerary: Refresh yourself on the weekend at the art island “Naoshima”! Part1



This time, we will introduce our weekend trip to the islands of Kagawa, Day 1 and Day 2.
This 3-day/2-night plan leaves Tokyo on Friday night after work or school and spends Saturday and Sunday touring the island.
I had an image of islands as being very far away, but it’s much easier than you might think!

Since most of the first day was spent moving around, sightseeing started on the second day!
First, we visited Naoshima, called the island of art in Kagawa Prefecture.
The entire island was dotted with art and many photo spots.
It is just right for a refreshing weekend trip to enjoy both nature and art!

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*Please note that information and prices listed are subject to change.

Travel Itinerary

6:51pm Tokyo Station(東京駅)

We will take the Nozomi 59 at 18:00pm to Okayama!
Since we want to enjoy the island on Saturday and Sunday, I recommend that we ride ahead to the harbor location at night.

Spot Outline

Tokyo Station, located in Tokyo’s Chiyoda Ward, is a station of East Japan Railway Company (JR East), Tokai Railway Company (JR Tokai), and Tokyo Subway Company (Tokyo Metro) and is the largest hub in the national Shinkansen network. It is also one of the ” 100 Best Stations in Kanto “.

10:31pm Okayama Station(岡山駅)

Upon arrival at Okayama Station, transfer to the Uno Line.
Be careful not to miss the train as it is late at night!

Spot Outline

Okayama Station is a station of West Japan Railway Company (JR West) located in Kita-ku, Okayama City. It takes only 50 minutes from Osaka by Shinkansen bullet train and less than one hour from Kyoto. You can also take a sightseeing train, SAKUBI-SAKURA, to Tsuyama Station.

11:27pm Uno Station(宇野駅)

Arrive at Uno Station, and that’s it for day 1.

We will stay at a hotel just a few blocks from the station!

Spot Outline

Uno Station, located at 1-1 Chikko, Tamano City, Okayama Prefecture, is a station on the West Japan Railway (JR West) Uno Line (Uno Minato Line) and is also the terminus of the line. It takes about one hour from Okayama Station. Art is everywhere in the vicinity, so it is recommended to ride a bicycle around the area.

11:35pm UNO HOTEL

We stayed at this hotel, which is a one-minute walk from Uno Station.
The hotel seemed to have just opened in 2021 and was very new and beautiful.

I stayed in a separate single room because I only sleep late at night.
It is a simple room with only a bed, but with a private space!
We used the communal shower space for our bath.



in the building

Sharing Spot

There is also a Japanese tea bar

Shared fridge and microwave.

All for free

shower room



Spot Outline

UNO HOTEL is an accommodation facility located in Chikko, Tamano City, Okayama Prefecture. Conveniently located just a 1-minute walk from Uno Station, the hotel offers simple rooms including separate single rooms. Women-only rooms are also available, ensuring a private space for a safe and comfortable stay. It can be used as a base for sightseeing in the Setouchi area.

Process (Day 2)

9:22am Uno Port(宇野港)

First thing in the morning, we went to Uno Port, which is right next to the hotel.
I want to tour Naoshima, so I take the ferry to Miyaura Port.


The boarding area for Naoshima is marked by a pink sign.
It was easy to understand and I didn’t get lost!


There was about one sailing every hour ✨


The ship was spacious with plenty of places to sit.


on board a ship


Spot Outline

Uno Port is located in Tamano City, Okayama Prefecture. It is convenient for access to the surrounding islands and is used as a gateway. With an increasing number of fashionable restaurants, cafes, and general stores in the area, it is an area where visitors can enjoy themselves all day long.

9:42aam Miyaura Port(宮浦港)

We arrived at Miyaura Port. It took about 20 minutes by boat.
The red pumpkin is the symbol!
The weather was a little less than ideal, but we started our island tour.


I could see it from the boat!

Red Pumpkins by Yayoi Kusama

Click here to see the boat we took this time.


Spot Outline

Miyaura Port is located in Naoshima Town, Kagawa-gun, Kagawa Prefecture. There is a free parking lot at Miyaura Port, where you can park your car and enjoy walking around the area. There is also a store attached to the port, making it a convenient place to look for souvenirs.

red pumpkin

Famous works by Yayoi Kusama!
It’s nice to have an artistic view of the world all at once just by having this.
The artwork was large enough to fit inside, and everyone was taking pictures here!

Spot Outline

The “Red Pumpkin” at Miyaura Port in Naoshima Town, Kagawa Prefecture, is a famous work by Yayoi Kusama, and is a tourist attraction marked by a large pumpkin about 4 meters in diameter. Visitors can even go inside the pumpkin, which attracts many people taking pictures. Located in the Miyaura area around the port, it is a must-see spot when visiting Naoshima.


Naoshima, an island of art, has art hidden throughout the town.
This photo shows the art that was in the streetscape of the Honmura area house project.
The entire town was full of art, and it was a lot of fun to walk around!

Spot Outline

Naoshima, located in Naoshima Town, Kagawa County, Kagawa Prefecture, is known as an island of art. Artworks are hidden throughout the town, making it possible to enjoy just walking around. You can also enjoy nature and the sea, making Naoshima a precious place where you can enjoy nature, the sea, and art all at once. The ferry ride alone is fun, and is a recommended spot for art lovers and those who want to enjoy nature to the fullest.

10:00am Naoshima Cafe Ougiya(直島カフェ おうぎや)

We have a while until our bike rental reservation time, so it’s time for a snack at a café in the harbor.
I had a pumpkin-flavored Naoshima macaron (550 yen) and hot black tea (380 yen).

Naoshima macarons, large and filling in one piece!
Other dishes included olive curry and fried chicken.




Naoshima macaroon 550 yen

Spot Outline

Café Ougiya is located inside the “Miyaura Port” Umi no Eki Ferry Terminal. It serves snacks such as Naoshima macaroons and hot tea, and also offers meals such as olive curry and fried chicken.

10:30am OUGIYA RentaCycle(おうぎやレンタサイクル)

We made advance reservations possible and rented bicycles from a bike rental shop.
There are buses on the island, but a bicycle is just right because you don’t have to worry about the time.
The island itself is not that big, so it is fun to easily go around!

Spot Outline

OUGIYA RentaCycle is located in Naoshima-cho, Kagawa-gun, Kagawa Prefecture, a minute’s walk from Miyaura Port. At this spot, you can rent bicycles by making a reservation in advance. Buses are available on the island, but bicycles allow you to go around the island without worrying about time. The island itself is not that big, so it is easy to get around.

10:50am Honmura Lounge & Archive(本村ラウンジ&アーカイブ)

Move to the Honmura area by bicycle.

I decided to visit the “House Project,” an interesting project in which artists renovate old private homes and transform them into art spaces.

There are apparently six houses and a museum, and you must purchase tickets here to enter them!
If you want to see up to two exhibitions, you can get a ticket for each, and if you want to see three or more, you can get a common ticket.

Area Map


Shared Tickets

Spot Outline

Located in Naoshima Town, Kagawa County, Kagawa Prefecture, the Honmura Lounge & Archive is an art gallery and souvenir store. The “House Project,” in which old private homes are renovated and transformed into art spaces by artists, is taking place here, and there are six houses and a museum. Tickets must be purchased, and the best deal is a ticket for each when viewing up to two, or a common ticket when viewing three or more.

Art House Project “Kadoya”(家プロジェクト「角屋」)

The first restaurant was Kadoya.
Inside the old-fashioned building, there are many colorful lights!
Looking closely, it was a strange space with a digital counter.

digital counter


Spot Outline

The “Art House Project Kadoya” is an art project located in Naoshima Town, Kagawa-gun, Kagawa Prefecture. Inside the old-fashioned building is a mysterious space where 125 LED digital counters are randomly arranged. Visitors are fascinated by the interesting space, and some feel they could watch it forever.

Art House Project “Haisha”(家プロジェクト「はいしゃ」)

This place looks like it was originally a dentist’s office that was renovated into an interesting art space!
It is a bit of a walk from the house project area, but it is an interesting spot with a unique view of the world that you should visit.

Spot Outline

Art House Project “Haisha” is an art project located in Naoshima Town, Kagawa Prefecture. A former dental clinic was renovated and transformed into an art space. The theme of the artwork is Memory of Dreams.

11:30am APRON CAFE(エプロンカフェ)

After walking for a while, I went to a cafe for a break.
I got lost in the house project area with many fashionable cafes…

This place is cozy but homey and relaxing!
Lunch was varied, but here I had the scone of the day and yuzu tea.
It was crazy delicious with all the berries ✨



Interior 3

Food Menu

Cafe Menu

Spot Outline

APRON CAFE is located in Naoshima-cho, Kagawa-gun, Kagawa Prefecture. You can relax in a house-like atmosphere and enjoy set menus, diner menus, and light meals such as scones. It is a perfect spot to take a break from strolling or just to relax.

Art House Project “Go’o Shrine”(家プロジェクト「護王神社」)

The last of the house projects is to visit this shrine.
It is located at the top of a hill, and a few steps lead up to the top of the hill!

It was characterized by unusual architectural shapes.

I could see the ocean.

The Seto Inland Sea is beautiful in blue and green!

Spot Outline

The Art House Project “Go’o Shrine” in Naoshima Town, Kagawa Prefecture, was opened to the public in 2002 as part of the House Project. It is an innovative spot where the artwork and the shrine are fused together, and visitors can pay their respects. The stone torii gate on the approach to the shrine is also the only tangible cultural property designated by Kagawa Prefecture for Naoshima.

12:50pm Café Salon, Naka-Oku(カフェサロン 中奥)

We rode our bicycles again to lunch.
I wanted to eat this omelette I saw on Instagram!
Fluffy omelet with homemade tomato sauce 880 yen

The thickened egg and fresh tomato sauce are so good.
There was a bit of a line as the restaurant seemed to be popular, but it was worth the wait!
The retro interior is also nice.




Menu 2

Spot Outline

Cafe Salon Nakaoku is an old private house cafe located in Naoshima Town, Kagawa County, Kagawa Prefecture. The fluffy omelette rice with homemade tomato sauce is popular, and can be enjoyed for lunch during the day and as a bar at night.


Yayoi Kusama’s work was also located near the bus stop.
You can take great pictures with the ocean in the background!

Spot Outline

Located in Naoshima Town, Kagawa County, Kagawa Prefecture, “Pumpkin” is one of the symbols of Naoshima and is a work by Yayoi Kusama. installed at an art exhibition held in Naoshima in 1994, it had been on permanent display since then, but the exhibition was suspended for over a year because it was washed out to sea and broken by a typhoon approaching in August 2021 It was restored in the spring of 2022.

1:54pm Benesse Art Site Naoshima Free shuttle bus on site(ベネッセアートサイト直島場内 無料シャトルバス)

After lunch, we cycled 10 minutes to an area where many museums are located.

It appears that bicycles are not allowed beyond this point, so park your bike nearby and take the free shuttle bus.

The ocean was right next to us and we enjoyed the view while waiting!
Buses are convenient, with one every 30 minutes or so.

Spot Outline

The Benesse Art Site Naoshima Free shuttle bus on site, located in Naoshima-cho, Kagawa-gun, Kagawa Prefecture, is a free shuttle bus that connects the Benesse Art Site Naoshima area.

2:00pm Benesse House Museum(ベネッセハウスミュージアム)

Get off at the bus stop in front of Benesse House Museum.

This is an art museum with the theme of “Symbiosis of Nature, Architecture and Art”. Tickets are 1,300 yen per adult.
Even if you are not an art expert, there are many mysterious works of art that will keep you on the edge of your seat!

It has a hotel, a cafe, and a souvenir shop where you can buy goods.

Spot Outline

Benesse House Museum, located in Naoshima Town, Kagawa Prefecture, is an art museum and accommodation facility, opened in 1992 and designed by Tadao Ando based on the concept of symbiosis between nature, architecture, and art. In addition to works from the museum’s collection, the museum features site-specific works created by artists for the location.

4:20pm OUGIYA RentaCycle

There was a short wait for the return bus, so we collected our bicycles and returned to the bike rental shop.

Bicycles are nice and carefree because you don’t have to worry about time.

4:30pm MY LODGE Naoshima

Return the bicycle and check in to the hotel!
It was a quiet hotel in a residential area.

I’m kind of excited about the bunk beds!
The facility was very clean and comfortable.

It looks like dinner and breakfast can be added as well!



study space


The glass-enclosed shower room is stylish!

We could see the sea from the window.

in the building

Inside the building 2

Spot Outline

MY LODGE Naoshima is located in Naoshima Town, Kagawa Prefecture, Japan, and offers very clean and comfortable facilities, including rooms with bunk beds. Dinner and breakfast can be added.


We had Naoshima Curry (1,000 yen) here for dinner.
Seafood curry with shrimp, squid, and scallops.
It was hearty and insanely delicious!

This restaurant has a lot more than curry on the menu, so it was hard to decide what to order.
It could be used as a tavern with a variety of alcoholic beverages!


Space next to the entrance

Lunch and Dinner Menu

Dinner Menu



Spot Outline is a cafe located in Miyaura, Naoshima-cho, Kagawa-gun, Kagawa Prefecture. They also have an extensive snack menu that can be enjoyed with alcoholic beverages. The staff is also friendly and comfortable, and it is well known for its comfortable atmosphere.

7:00pm Naoshima Pavilion(直島パヴィリオン)

On the way back, we saw the illuminated Naoshima Pavilion!
Even more beautiful at night✨

Spot Outline

The Naoshima Pavilion, located in Naoshima Town, is an easily accessible and free artwork that can be viewed free of charge, based on the concept of the “28th island” of Naoshima Town, which consists of 27 islands, and is modeled after the floating island phenomenon, a type of mirage.

MY LODGE Naoshima

Back to the hotel, end of the second day.

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