Kagawa 3 Day Itinerary: Visit the most difficult spot “Konpira Shrine” on the last day of your trip with Okayama Kagawa Wide Pass (Day 3)



This time, I used the “Okayama-Kagawa Wide Pass” (an unlimited-ride ticket that includes JR, ship, and bus services in Okayama, Kagawa, and Shodoshima), which can be purchased via the setowa app, for a 3-day/2-night trip to enjoy the spectacular scenery of Shodoshima and Kagawa.
The sea is beautiful, and Kagawa specialties such as somen noodles (Ultra-thin noodles made from wheat flour) and meat are the most delicious, making for a very satisfying three days!

This article presents the third day of the program.
From Takamatsu to Kotohira, I went to Konpirasan, which I had wanted to visit at least once! This was the most difficult spot on the last day of my trip. Did I make it to the shrine safely?

I hope you all will take a look at this plan for your trip!

*Please note that information and prices listed are subject to change.

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Travel Itinerary

8:15am Merikenya Takamatsu Ekimae Store(めりけんや 高松駅前店)

Start of the third day! Breakfast is located right near Takamatsu Station.
Go to Sanuki Udon restaurant which is open early in the morning. Open from 7 am ✨

Bukkake udon (Udon noodles in a hot soup with various ingredients and condiments)

It is smooth, glutinous, and delicious! As expected from Kagawa Prefecture!

Spot Outline

Merikenya Takamatsu Ekimae Store is a Sanuki udon (Kagawa Prefecture specialty product characterized by light shiso soup and chewy noodles) restaurant located in Nishinomaru-cho, Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture. It is self-service, open from morning until night, and located in front of the station, making it easy to grab a quick bite before heading out. They have seasonal menu items such as summer-only sudachi udon and limited-time-only bukkake kabosu udon.

9:25am Takamatsu Station(高松駅)

The first time, we used the Okayama-Kagawa Pass to travel by train!
There are souvenir shops inside the station and many places to eat, drink, and shop around the station.

Spot Outline

Takamatsu Station is a Shikoku Railway (JR Shikoku) and Japan Freight Railway (JR Freight) station located in Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture. There is a souvenir shop inside the station and many places to eat, drink, and shop in the surrounding area. It is also easily accessible from Takamatsu Airport, and buses are available. It is also used as a starting point for travelers, and rental cars can be rented for sightseeing.

10:40am Kotohira Station(琴平駅)

We arrived after about an hour of rocking. Retro station building.
I am now going to climb Konpirasan!

Spot Outline

Kotohira Station, located in Kotohira-cho, Nakatado-gun, Kagawa Prefecture, is a station on the Dosan Line of the Shikoku Railway Company (JR Shikoku). The historic Western-style station building was registered as a Tangible Cultural Property of Japan in 2012.

11:00am Konpira Udon sando store(こんぴらうどん 参道店)

Lunch was again udon!
This udon shop is located on the sando to Konpirasan.

udon noodles with soy sauce

There is no dipping sauce, but udon noodles served with soy sauce.
It’s sticky and tasty! The fried egg soaked in soy sauce and dried bonito flakes is also good.

Spot Outline

Located in Kotohira-cho, Nakatado-gun, Kagawa Prefecture, the Konpira Udon sando store is a long-established udon shop located on the approach to Kintohira Shrine. Simple soy sauce udon is popular, and is served in a style unique to Sanuki udon. Since there is often a long line of customers, we recommend that you visit early.

12:00pm Ki no kuniya main store( 紀の國屋本店)

After having finished filling up on udon, we finally departed for Konpirasan.
On the way to the temple, we stopped at a store selling Japanese sweets and sundries.

Famous for its ishimatsu (Castella manju with strained bean paste baked in the shape of a hat) manju and funefune senbei (Egg crackers made with eggs)

Spot Outline

Kinokuniya main store, located in Kotohira-cho, Nakatado-gun, Kagawa Prefecture, is a long-established souvenir shop founded in the Meiji era. Especially recommended are the Kompira’s specialty “Ishimatsu Manju” and “funefune Senbei,” which have been highly praised by word of mouth.

Kotohira gu Shrine Daimon Gate(金刀比羅宮 大門)

Kamiyo candy, which is broken with a hammer, is sold.
It is a specialty of Konpira that has been sold for 700 years.

Spot Outline

Kotohira gu Shrine Daimon Gate, located in Kotohira-cho, Nakatado-gun, Kagawa Prefecture, is the main gate of Kotohira gu Shrine. At this spot, Kamiyo candy, which has been sold for 700 years, is sold and can be broken with a hammer. This candy, a local specialty, is also popular among tourists. When you visit Konpira gu Shrine Daimon Gate, be sure to try some of this Kamiyo candy.

1:00pm Konpira Shrine (Konpira-san) – 金刀比羅宮(こんぴらさん)

The shrine is located at the end of 785 steps. Arrival at Konpira-san!
Will visiting the temple after overcoming the steep path be twice as beneficial?

The climb is worth it for the spectacular view ✨

Spot Outline

Konpira Shrine is located in Kotohira-cho, Nakatado-gun, Kagawa Prefecture. It is located 785 steps up. It is also famous for its long stone staircase approach to the inner shrine, which has 1,368 steps. Because of the many steps, those who are not confident in their physical strength should be careful.

Konpira Shrine Asahi no Yashiro(金刀比羅宮 旭社)

It is so luxurious that it could be mistaken for the main shrine.
We paid our respects here as well.

Spot Outline

Konpira Shrine Asahi no Yashiro, located in Kotohira-cho, Nakatado-gun, Kagawa Prefecture, is one of the precinct shrines on the approach to Konpira Shrine. It is a national important cultural property and was built in 1837. It is so gorgeously constructed and beautiful that it could be mistaken for the main shrine. It is customary to visit the shrine after visiting the main shrine.

2:00pm Kami-tsubaki(神椿)

It is the only restaurant located within the precincts of Konpira Shrine, at exactly the 500th step of the stone staircase.
The restaurant is surrounded by greenery and has a nice atmosphere.
The Kamitsubaki parfait, filled with Kagawa’s specialties, is an exquisite treat.

Spot Outline

Kami-Tsubaki is a cafe and restaurant located in Kotohira-cho, Nakatado-gun, Kagawa Prefecture. It is the only restaurant located within the precincts of Konpira Shrine, and is situated at exactly the 500th step of the stone staircase. For visitors on a sightseeing tour, we recommend this restaurant because it is located at the entrance to the famous shrine, Konpira-san. In addition, the kamitsubaki parfait is packed with Kagawa’s specialties and is reputed to be an exquisite dish.

3:45pm Kotohira Station

From Kotohira Station, take the limited express to Okayama Station.
Since the Okayama-Kagawa Wide Pass is used, only express tickets need to be purchased!

4:40pm Okayama Station(岡山駅)

It takes about an hour to get there.

4:50pm Souvenir highway Setouchi CUBE(おみやげ街道せとうちCUBE)

Finally, the last stop, a store with a wide selection of souvenirs from the Setouchi area.
I bought souvenirs here to remember my trip! *The business is now closed.

Thanks to the Okayama-Kagawa Pass, I saved 1,030 yen on transportation costs for this trip✨I encourage everyone to try it!

Spot Outline

Souvenir highway Setouchi CUBE is a select store located in Ekimotomachi, Kita-ku, Okayama City. Specialty products and goods from Okayama Prefecture, kibidango (Sweets representing Okayama Prefecture), ekiben (Lunch boxes sold to passengers at train stations), and other items are lined up in the storefront for your shopping enjoyment. Located inside Okayama Station, it is convenient for tourists.

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