Kagawa 3 Day Itinerary: Visit classic spots along the coast with Okayama Kagawa Wide Pass (Day 2)



This time, I used the “Okayama-Kagawa Wide Pass” (an unlimited-ride ticket that includes JR, ship, and bus services in Okayama, Kagawa, and Shodoshima), which can be purchased via the setowa app, for a 3-day/2-night trip to enjoy the spectacular scenery of Shodoshima and Kagawa.
The sea is beautiful, and Kagawa specialties such as somen noodles and meat are the most delicious, making for a very satisfying three days!

This article presents the second day of the program.
I have been touring the classic spots along the sea. I walked alone along Angel Road, a sacred place for lovers, and struggled alone for a picture at Olive Park… I enjoyed myself with a strong heart!

I hope you all will take a look at this plan for your trip!

*Please note that information and prices listed are subject to change.

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Travel Itinerary

8:30am Tenku Hotel Kairo(天空ホテル 海廬)

Breakfast is at the hotel; check out at 8:30am and depart!

Spot Outline

Tenku Hotel Kairo, located in Tonosho-cho, Shozu-gun, Kagawa Prefecture, is the oldest onsen ryokan on Shodoshima. There are three grades of room types to choose from, including rooms with a relaxed atmosphere based on Japanese modernism and ocean views with a spectacular view of Angel Road in front of you.

8:40am Angel Road(エンジェルロード)

First, cross the “Angel Road,” a sand road that appears only twice a day.
This is too emo. It makes me want to take pictures!


小豆島エンジェルロード干潮時間2023年 | 小豆島BASE エンジェルロードを渡れる時間は、干潮時間の前後3時間ほどになります。 エンジェルロードは、砂の道が現れる時間帯と消える時間帯の細い砂の道ができる頃が一番の見頃です...

Promised Hill Observation Deck

Right near Angel Road! Come and visit for a great view!

holy of holies for lovers

It will be good if you ring it with your girlfriend.

Spot Outline

Located in the town of Tonosho-cho, Shozu-gun, Kagawa Prefecture, “Angel Road” is a sand road that appears twice a day at low tide and is a famous tourist attraction as a sacred place for lovers. It is popular as a romantic place where wishes come true if you cross the road hand in hand with your loved one.

10:00am Roadside Station Shodoshima Olive Park(道の駅 小豆島オリーブ公園)

Next, we went to a park with an olive theme.
This is a spot where you can take many pictures.

Surprised by the big book

You can take pictures as if you were opening the door and coming out from inside.

Lots of cute sundries.

The vast olive groves are breathtaking.

You can take pictures like the Witch’s Delivery Service!

Spot Outline

Located in the town of Shodoshima in Kagawa Prefecture, “Roadside Station Shodoshima Olive Park” is an olive-themed park. Overlooking the Seto Inland Sea, the park is home to approximately 2,000 olive trees and more than 130 varieties of herbs. The park also offers a wide variety of information and goods related to olives, and is a great place to select souvenirs and dine.

12:10pm Shodoshima’s Kitchen Kamatoko(小豆島の台所 かまとこ)

The store is located directly in front of the “Twenty-Four Eyes” movie Studio, which is also our next stop. Souvenirs can be bought, and fried food and ice cream are available.
This time I ordered the Soy Sauce Frankfurters. It was delicious!


The food is deep-fried to order, so you can enjoy it hot.

Spot Outline

Kamatoko is a souvenir shop located in Shodoshima-cho, Shozu-gun, Kagawa Prefecture. In addition to souvenirs, the store has an eat-in corner with a view of the sea, where you can enjoy light meals such as fried food and ice cream.

1:40pm Twenty Four Eyes movie Studio(二十四の瞳映画村)

Visit a Japanese movie theme park that was converted from the location set of the movie “Twenty-Four Eyes”.
The sets used for filming movies still remain.

The retro atmosphere makes you feel like you’ve gone back in time!

The walls are covered with photos cut from movies!

Spot Outline

Twenty Four Eyes movie Studio, located in Shodoshima Town, Kagawa Prefecture, is a Japanese movie theme park that has been reconstructed from the location set of the movie Twenty-Four Eyes. The sets used in the filming of the movie still remain, making it a popular nostalgic spot with a Showa-era atmosphere. In addition, the soy sauce soft serve ice cream is excellent, and there are many photo spots.

Misaki branch school (岬の分教場)

This is the Cape Branch School where the movie “Twenty-Four Eyes” was filmed.
Visitors can see sets and exhibits used in the filming of movies.

Inside the wooden school building

It is as if we have gone back in time.

Spot Outline

Located in Taura Otsu 7, Shodoshima-cho, Shozu-gun, Kagawa Prefecture, the Cape Branch School is the location where the movie “Twenty-Four Eyes” was filmed. Here, visitors can see the sets and exhibits used in the filming of the movie, making it a must-see spot for movie fans. Visitors can also enjoy the historical buildings and scenery, and simply strolling around is enjoyable enough.


Official store located in the 24 Eyes Film Village.
Here, we had the “Superlative Soy Sauce Soft Ice Cream / 300 yen.

Spot Outline

Located in Taura, Shodoshima-cho, Shozu-gun, Kagawa Prefecture, Chiririn-ya is an official store in the 24 Eyes Film Village. Local specialties and original goods are sold here. Another popular product is “Superlative Soy Sauce Soft Ice Cream,” which is known for its exquisite taste. The store is well known and loved by both tourists and locals.

4:25 Ikeda Port(池田港)

Ask for the Ikeda Port kiosk to return your rental car. Convenient!
After returning the boat, you will take a boat to Takamatsu Port.

Spot Outline

Ikeda Port is a port located in Shodoshima-cho, Shozu-gun, Kagawa Prefecture, and is often used as a starting point for trips. It is about a 60-minute boat ride from Takamatsu Port, and this red-roofed object is a distinctive feature of the port.

5:25p Takamatsu Port(高松港)

Lots of big, beautiful buildings! It is very developed.
As soon as we arrived, we went to the hotel where we will stay today.

Spot Outline

Takamatsu Port is located in Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture. From Takamatsu Port, ferries run to Shodoshima Island, and it takes about 60 minutes to get to Dojo Port, or about 30 minutes by high-speed boat.

5:30pm JR Hotel Clement Takamatsu(JR ホテルクレメント高松)

On the second day, stay at a luxurious hotel just a minute’s walk from JR Takamatsu Station✨

Beautiful view from the window✨

Rooms are simple and clean!

Spot Outline

JR Hotel Clement Takamatsu is located in Hamano-cho, Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture, just a 1-minute walk from JR Takamatsu Station, making it ideal for business and sightseeing.

7:30pm Bone in chicken Ikkaku Takamatsu store(骨付鳥 一鶴 高松店)

For dinner, we went to a restaurant about a 20-minute walk from the hotel.
Kagawa’s famous bone in chicken is available.

Spot Outline

Bone in chicken Ikkaku Takamatsu store is a restaurant in Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture, that serves Kagawa’s local delicacy, Bone in chicken. According to word of mouth, the restaurant is busy and the chicken is delicious. It is also recommended to visit early in the day, as the restaurant becomes crowded after 5:00pm.

JR Hotel Clement Takamatsu

Return to the hotel.

The second day is also very satisfying, as we visit reflection spots, feel the history, and eat delicious birds!

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