8 Best Things to do in Fukuoka in November

If you are going to go sightseeing, you want to incorporate into your itinerary things that you can only see and experience during that time of the year. This time, we will introduce the situation, events, and recommended spots in Fukuoka in November for those who are interested in such things.

*The schedule of the events introduced here is subject to change. Please check the official website of the facility for the schedule.

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Fukuoka in November


In November, temperatures gradually drop in Fukuoka, with the average temperature ranging from about 10 to 17 degrees Celsius. Daytime temperatures can be relatively warm, but mornings and evenings become bitterly cold, especially toward the end of the month, when the cold of winter is felt.


In November, several local festivals and events are held in Fukuoka. This is also the time of year when the leaves are at their peak and the illuminations for the winter season are turned on. Visitors can enjoy gorgeous scenery in a serene atmosphere. It is a time when temperatures drop and it gets colder, but you can still enjoy outdoor events.


November is the best time to enjoy the autumn leaves in Fukuoka. Beautiful autumn foliage can be seen in parks in the city and in the mountains in the suburbs, where you can take a walk while admiring the spectacular scenery. Autumn is also the season when a variety of foods are in season, so try tasting seasonal ingredients at restaurants and yatai stalls.

November Fashion

When visiting Fukuoka in November, it is important to prepare clothing that can handle the difference in temperature. While the days may be relatively warm, the mornings and evenings are chilly, so a coat or heavy jacket will be necessary. A hat is also useful if you will be doing a lot of outdoor activities. Comfortable walking shoes are also important, especially those with non-slip soles for safety.

Best Season for Autumn Leaves! Let’s enjoy Fukuoka’s autumn to the fullest!

November is the time of year when the autumn foliage is at its best. The best season for autumn foliage is usually from October to November, but in the past few years, the peak of autumn foliage has been pushed back due to the continuous warm weather. It is recommended that you check official websites and SNS before visiting autumn foliage viewing spots.

Akizuki Castle Ruins(秋月城跡)

Akizuki Castle Ruins(秋月城跡)

The area around the Akizuki Castle Ruins in Asakura City retains the atmosphere of a castle town. The best time to view the autumn leaves is from late November to early December. The area around the “Kuromon” gate of Akizuki Castle Ruins is known as a famous autumn color viewing spot, where about 20 maple trees turn into brilliant colors in autumn.

It is also famous as a photogenic spot with the beautiful contrast between the autumn leaves and the black gate (Kuromon). The streets are lined with stalls, so be sure to take your time and enjoy a stroll.

Raizan Sennyoji Daihioin(雷山千如寺大悲王院)

Raizan Sennyoji Daihioin(雷山千如寺大悲王院)

The “Raizan Sennyoji Daihioin” in Itoshima City is a historic temple located halfway up Mt. It is also famous for its autumn foliage, which is at its best from early November to mid-November. The 400 year old giant maple tree, a natural monument of Fukuoka Prefecture, is a magnificent sight as it turns bright red and attracts many visitors every year.

Raizan Sennyoji Daihioin(雷山千如寺大悲王院)

Also, don’t miss the autumn foliage at the Ikazuchi Shrine, located a short walk up the mountain from Daihioin. The golden leaves of this 900 year-old ginkgo tree, which is about 37 meters tall and has a trunk circumference of about 7 meters. The best time to view the leaves is usually in mid-November, so be sure to get up close and experience the power of the trees.

Taibaru’s ginko trees(太原のイチョウ)

Taibaru’s ginko trees(太原のイチョウ)

Visitors can enjoy the autumn leaves of the ginkgo, the symbolic tree of Hirokawa Town. The best time to view the leaves is from mid-November to late November. The 80 ginkgo trees and the carpet of fallen leaves make the area a photogenic spot that attracts many visitors every year.

It’s finally starting! Let’s go see the shining illumination!

One of the events to look forward to in the fall and winter is illumination. Colorful and warm lights envelop the city at night. Enjoy the cityscape unique to this time of year with family, lovers, and friends.

Mojiko Retro Roman Tousai illumination(門司港レトロ浪漫灯彩)

Mojiko Retro Roman Tousai illumination(門司港レトロ浪漫灯彩)

From October to mid-March, Mojiko Retro District is enveloped in a fantastic atmosphere. The night view reflected on the surface of the water is romantic itself. The view from the Mojiko Retro Observation Deck, 103 meters high, is also spectacular, and the sparkling, jewel-like cityscape will leave you spellbound.

Various events will be held mainly on weekends during the period, so please visit with your family, friends, and loved ones to create wonderful memories.

Canal Winter Illumination(キャナルウィンターイルミネーション)

Canal City Hakata(キャナルシティ博多)

Held from early November. Illuminations fill the entire building of Canal City Hakata, transforming each area into a photo spot. Don’t miss the special fountain show linked to the illumination.

Canal City Hakata Fountain

The 180-meter-long canal, the symbol of Canal City Hakata, will also be decorated with glittering lights. The stage venue will be filled with a party atmosphere with shows that will add to the excitement of the illumination.

Momochi☆Blue Light Illumination(ももち☆ブルーライトイルミネーション)

Momochi☆Blue Light Illumination(ももち☆ブルーライトイルミネーション)

“Momochi☆Blue Light Illumination,” Fukuoka Tower’s annual Christmas event, starts in mid-November. A giant 108-meter-long Christmas tree will be lit up on the wall of Fukuoka Tower, colorfully illuminating the night sky of Fukuoka.

The surrounding trees are also lit up with blue lights, creating a fantastic sight. The view from outside as well as from the tower observation room is spectacular. Be sure to enjoy the romantic scenery that is only available during this season.

Not Just Illuminations! Events in Fukuoka

In addition to the illumination, there are many other events being held in November. Please visit these events to enjoy the unique scenery and culture of Fukuoka. For more details about the events, please check the official website.

Hakushu Festival Suijo Parade(白秋祭水上パレード)

Yanagawa City River Rafting

This festival is held in memory of Kitahara Hakushu, a poet who called Yanagawa City home. The festival is held annually from November 1 to 3. A parade of boats decorated with lanterns (called “Andon”) parade through the water of Yanagawa at night. Stages are set up at various locations for performances and choruses.

While aboard the boat, you can also enjoy a special experience with drinks and food while enjoying a variety of performances. Advance reservations are required to board the boat, so please visit the official website for more details.

Official website:

Kanmon Kaikyo Candle Night(関門海峡キャンドルナイト)

Kanmon Kaikyo Candle Night(関門海峡キャンドルナイト)

The “Kanmon Kaikyo Candle Night” is held in Mojiko Retro in Kitakyushu City and the Karato district of Shimonoseki City in Yamaguchi Prefecture. Candles are elaborately lit at each site. Mojiko Port is also enveloped in warm candlelight, creating an even more nostalgic atmosphere. This is a recommended event for a date with a romantic mood.

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