Recommended for sightseeing in Fukuoka in April! Introducing events and scenery unique to this time of year!

If you are going to go sightseeing, you want to incorporate into your itinerary things that you can only see and experience during that time of the year. This time, we will introduce the conditions, events, and recommended spots in April in Fukuoka for those who are interested in such things.

*The events introduced above may be canceled, so please check the official website before heading out.


About Fukuoka in April

Maiduru Park(舞鶴公園)

Atmospheric temperature

In April, the average temperature in Fukuoka is about 15 to 20 degrees Celsius, with mild weather during the day. Because of the temperature difference between day and night during this month, clothing that is easy to adjust to the temperature when going out is appropriate. Since mornings and evenings can still be chilly, a light jacket or cardigan is useful.


In April, Fukuoka is filled with a variety of spring and other events. Especially during this season, which coincides with the cherry blossom season, “the Fukuokajyo Sakura Festival” is held, attracting visitors with approximately 1,000 cherry trees blooming around the castle ruins. Also, during this time of year, when evenings are pleasant, it is recommended to enjoy local gourmet food at “Fukuoka Hakata Yatai” stalls, which attract many tourists.


April is the best season to visit Fukuoka, attracting many tourists from inside and outside the prefecture. Maiduru Park, known for its cherry blossoms, is especially recommended and a popular place to experience the arrival of spring. Fukuoka is also famous as a gourmet city, with seafood markets where you can taste fresh seafood and local cuisine such as Hakata ramen.

April Fashion

Daytime temperatures are often warm, but layered clothing is useful for the cooler mornings and evenings. Light coats, jackets and cardigans will work well. Since it is a time of year when sightseeing outside is common, a folding umbrella is a good idea. In addition, comfortable shoes for walking will make long sightseeing trips more pleasant.

Recommended Cherry Blossom Spots in Fukuoka

Cherry blossoms are a symbol of spring in Japan, and in Fukuoka they are usually at their best from late March to early April. When the cherry blossoms are in full bloom, you can expect to see a lively crowd of locals and tourists alike enjoying the cherry blossoms. At night, many places light up the cherry blossoms, creating a fantastic atmosphere that differs from that of the daytime.

Maiduru Park(舞鶴公園)

Fukuoka Castle(福岡城)

Maiduru Park, located an 8-minute walk from Akasaka Subway Station and Oohori Koen Station, is a large park with Fukuoka Castle at its center. About 1,000 cherry trees are planted in the park, and the entire park is colored pink with cherry blossoms.

During the “Fukuokajyo Sakura Festival,” held from late March to early April, the cherry blossoms and Fukuoka Castle are illuminated at night, making it even more magical to enjoy. The festival also features food stalls filled with local delicacies and a BBQ plaza for everyone to enjoy, offering something different from the usual Maizuru Park attractions.

Cherry Blossom Tree at Asai(浅井の一本桜)

Cherry Blossom Tree at Asai: Daytime view
Cherry Blossom Tree at Asai: A night view

It is said that it is worth going out of your way to see the “Cherry Blossom Tree at Asai (Asai no Ipponzakura)” in Kurume City for just one cherry tree. This magnificent mountain cherry tree, said to be about 110 years old, has a trunk circumference of 4.3 meters and a height of 18 meters, and blooms beautiful pink flowers every spring.

The cherry blossoms reflected on the surface of the water of the reservoir accentuate the fantastic appearance. At night, the cherry blossoms are illuminated, giving the area a completely different appearance from the daytime.

Shiranoe Botanical Park(白野江植物公園)

Shiranoe Botanical Park(白野江植物公園)

Shiranoe Botanical Park is located in Moji Ward, about 20 minutes by bus and on foot from Mojiko Station. About 700 cherry trees of about 60 varieties in the park offer a long period of cherry blossom scenery, from February for the early bloomers to mid-April for the late bloomers.

In addition, in April, button, rhododendron, and azalea will be at their best, so you will definitely be able to enjoy the gorgeous scenery. Why not take the time to tour the park?

Exquisite strawberry sweets

If you have come all the way to Fukuoka, why not try some sweets made from strawberries, a specialty of Fukuoka? There are many strawberry picking spots in Fukuoka, but for those who want to enjoy strawberries easily, we recommend using cafes. The strawberry season lasts until about May, so try to enjoy them when they are in season and full of flavor!

Campbell Early(キャンベル・アーリー)

Strawberry Parfait Image

Campbell Early is a sweets store located in Amu Plaza Hakata, right next to Hakata Station. There is also a store at Fukuoka Airport, making access very convenient. At the store, you can taste parfaits and pancakes made with plenty of seasonal fruits.

When strawberries are in season, sweets using various kinds of strawberries are available. The strawberry parfait is gorgeous from the outside, making it a very photogenic sweet. You can also check out the detailed menu on the restaurant’s Instagram.

Ito King(伊都きんぐ)

Image of Dorayaki with strawberries

“Ito King” is a processing and sales shop for Fukuoka brand strawberries, “Amaou,” with its main store in Itoshima. There are several stores in the Hakata Station area, offering a variety of products recommended as snacks and souvenirs.

“Dorakingu-Nama” is a popular limited-time-only product sold from late November to the end of May. The dorayaki, a soft dough pastry filled with red bean paste, is lavishly filled with whole Amaou strawberries .

Photogenic flower spot

Fukuoka offers an abundance of attractive spots where visitors can enjoy the flowers of the four seasons. Fukuoka’s mild climate is ideal for growing a wide variety of plants, and the spring season is especially colorful. Why not take a memorable photo with seasonal flowers?

Kawachi Westeria Garden(河内藤園)

Kawachi Westeria Garden(河内藤園)

“Kawachi Westeria Garden (Kawachi Fujien)” is a spot in Kitakyushu City where visitors can view wisteria flowers in spring and autumn leaves in fall. Since it was selected as one of the “31 Most Beautiful Places in Japan” by CNN (U.S.), it has attracted tourists from all over the world. From late April to mid-May, a total of 22 varieties of wisteria bloom and the park is filled with the fragrance of wisteria.

Uminonakamichi Seaside Park(海の中道海浜公園)

Nemophila Flower Field Image

At the Hill of Flowers in Uminonakamichi Seaside Park in Fukuoka City, about 1 million nemophilas are in full bloom from early to late April. Nemophila are fresh blue flowers, and the view when they are in full bloom is like a vivid sea. It is a popular photo spot and a great place to take pictures of spring-like scenery.

Imazu Sports Park(今津運動公園)

Imazu Sports Park(今津運動公園)

Imazu Sports Park in Fukuoka City is a large park with an athletic field, ball fields, tennis courts, etc. From March to May, the grassy lawn is covered with nemophila, turning the park blue. Please come and spend a relaxing moment on the large lawn while enjoying the spring scenery.

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